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Fairbanks Center

Eugene S. Pulliam School of Journalism

As a Butler Journalism student you’ll be at work—day one. Our newly designed, digitally focused degree features hands-on coursework built around an extensive off-campus field experience in addition to traditional classroom activities. With the Indianapolis metro area as your reporting lab, you will be able to produce and publish professional quality journalism that integrates audio, video, visual, and interactive technologies and social media with audience-based writing.

Access to internship opportunities and an extensive alumni network of successful professionals provides a gateway to a world of career choices and destinations. Whether you are working at our national, award-winning news organization, The Butler Collegian, or publishing multimedia reporting projects and webcasts on the Butler Beat, you will gain the know-how and practical experience to work in any format, and the skills needed to do it with excellence.

The Butler Collegian

Ready to work on a nationally recognized, student-led news organization your first semester? The Butler Collegian’s staff is the place for you! Start the year with a weeklong bootcamp with workshops run by professional journalists, then join Collegian staffers at year-end state and regional conferences where work is recognized for excellence.

Sports Media

The clock is running—get in the game! Butler’s Sports Media program places you in one of the nation’s leading sports cities with access on the field, in the press box, and in the locker room at some of the nation’s biggest sporting events and venues. 

Program Highlights


High quality internships in Indianapolis, Washington, DC, and nationwide provide hands-on experience prepping Journalism students for the demands of a dynamic media industry armed with a highly sought after and diverse skill set. If an internship with NBC-affiliate WTHR-TV, the Indianapolis Colts, or the Indiana Supreme Court seems interesting—we’ve got what you are looking for.

Washington, DC Learning Semester

When it comes to providing journalism students with career-building internships, no other venue quite compares with Washington, DC. One of the most vibrant and intellectually stimulating cities in the world, Washington, DC exposes journalism students to the intensity of high-level press conferences and media coverage of politics, policy, and international affairs as well as immerses students in the rich historical, artistic, and cultural traditions of the nation's capital city. Washington, DC Learning Semester.

Student Work

It’s all about the experience and the ability to demonstrate it. With an enriched resume and online portfolio, you truly will graduate with four years of experience. Butler Journalism students are primed for success and graduate armed with a portfolio of multimedia experience from metro-area reporting assignments that have been published on our course-based websites to real-life, nationally recognized internship know-how. Journalism Student Media.

Where are our alumni?

From television stations, newspapers, digital news organizations, corporations, and the sports industry to graduate school, government positions, and law schools—Journalism graduates leave Butler with the know-how and practical field experience to work in any career and right away. Journalism Program Outcomes.

media Facilities callout


The Fairbanks Center houses a full-size, HD-capable video production studio and control room. The studio is a multiple-camera setup with both traditional and virtual set capabilities, including a full-size cyclorama wall for green screen special effects. Students have access to an array of portable video and audio gear consisting of cameras, light kits, microphones, and mounting hardware, and several edit bays and computer labs equipped with the latest video editing software.