Sports Media

You like to cross the finish line first. We like that top-notch ranking, too. The College of Communication’s Sports Media major is the only degreed program of its kind in Indiana and one of only a handful of degreed programs in the Midwest. You’ll be able to take advantage of competitors with a unique and innovative skill set that puts you ahead of the pack and is founded on the integration of sports journalism and digital sports production.

Sports media careers have become some of the most highly competitive and sought-after positions in the job market. It’s a multi-billion-dollar industry that drives audience interaction and interest in sports on a worldwide scale. And, you’ll have access to hands-on learning day-one in one of the richest sports cities in the world that plays home to the NCAA, Indianapolis Colts, Indiana Fever, Indiana Pacers, and the Indy 500 to name just a few.

Experiential Learning

Caroline Crosby, a junior Sports Media major, is working for the NCAA® this semester as an extern in the Division I Women’s Basketball Championships and Alliances Division. Part of her role consists of traveling to San Antonio, Texas, for three weeks to help organize the NCAA® Women’s Basketball tournament.

Student standing in front of an NCAA sign in an arena