Esports Communication

The Esports Communication minor builds in-demand skills needed for success in the booming world of competitive gaming. In this interdisciplinary minor, students will get a foundation in esports production, communication, business, marketing, and more, preparing students for a variety of careers in esports.

In addition to the core set of courses in the minor, students have the ability to choose specific areas of interest with electives in multimedia graphics, leadership, sales, entrepreneurship, and media analytics.


Total for Esports Communication Minor 18 hours

SPM 140                     Esports: The World of Competitive Gaming

EI 201                           Real Business Experience I

MK 280                       Principles of Marketing

SPM 325                     Esports Production

Elective Courses (Complete 6 hours from the courses below):

WDD 108                    Multimedia Graphics

JR 112                           Intro to MM Journalism

SPM 220                     Sports Shooting & Editing

COM 245                    Media Analytics

ORG 270                     Organizational Communication

JR 312                           Multimedia Journalism

EI 315                            Creativity & Innovation

STR 356                       Sports Promotion

STR 357                       Tourism & Hospitality Management

MG 360                        Org Behavior

ORG 362                     Leadership and Communication

MK 381                        Prof. Selling in Contemporary Business Environment

SPM 440                    Internship

MI 452                         Entertainment Media & Law

COM 480                   Media Entrepreneurship