Resume Building with Peer Career Advisors

presented by CaPS Career Studio

View our Peer Career Advisors’ Resume webinar on YouTube.

Constructing Your Resume and Preparing for Interviews

presented by Butler University Alumni Association and CaPS

Articulating Your Skills to Employers on Resumes and LinkedIn

presented by Butler University Alumni Association and CaPS

This webinar teaches you to efficiently articulate your skill set, both on paper and in person. It highlights the power and importance of LinkedIn, and demonstrates some tips and tricks for using the online network to find and make connections. Download the presentation’s PowerPoint.

Intro to LinkedIn

presented by CaPS

CaPS career consultants Mike Thomas and Lori Coe have prepared an Introduction to LinkedIn guide for students and alumni from all majors.

Download the Intro to LinkedIn slides in PDF format.

Interviewing and Negotiating Salaries

presented by Butler University Alumni Association and CaPS

There is an art to negotiation and honing your negotiation skills. It’s never an easy thing to do, but it can be done! It’s about closing the deal and getting an offer you deserve. This webinar focuses on job and salary negotiations, and how to best make the decisions for yourself as you navigate your career path.

Job Searching and Networking

presented by Butler University Alumni Association and CaPS

This webinar discusses strategies for taking on the job search and utilizing networking to grow your professional relationships and land your dream job. Download the presentation’s PowerPoint.

Getting Started with Ascend Indiana

presented by Ascend Indiana

This seven-minute video provides a quick overview of our career development partner Ascend Indiana, their ability to connect students and recent graduates directly with over 350 Indiana employers through the Ascend Network, and how you can sign up by uploading your resume at http://bit.ly/BUAscend.

Designing Your Life

presented by Butler University Alumni Association and CaPS

Perhaps you think your life and career should be figured out by now. Or, maybe you feel like they already are—that’s great! Whether you’re still trying to figure out what to be when you “grow up” or just want to continue living a joyful life, understanding the principles of “design thinking” will help you “build” your way forward.

Pursuing a Career Outside Academia with a PhD

presented by Yale University

This online panel features Yale alumni who have pursued different career paths after they received doctorate degrees, including a 2013 Butler grad! Having graduated from Butler’s dual PharmD and MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences program, Dr. Levi Smith ’13 earned his PhD from the Department of Cell Biology at Yale University, where his research focused on the discovery and pre-clinical development of therapeutics for the treatment of Alzheimer’s. While at Yale, Smith was president of the Graduate Student and Postdoc Biomedical Careers Committee and a Yale-Canaan Fellow. He’s currently a Senior Research Scientist at Halda Therapeutics, a Series A biotech company in Connecticut.

Reach out to Levi via Wisr – Bulldogs Connect!

He’s volunteered to help Butler students and alumni with the following:

•  Learning about new cities
•  Developing career-related skills
•  Reviewing resumes
•  Advising about graduate/professional school
•  Advising about specific industries or careers
•  Conducting mock interviews
•  Speaking on a panel or in a classroom