Industry Guides

The CAPS office has been developing and creating Industry Guides for students interested in receiving general career-related information and advice on specific industry fields. Are you interested in exploring a career in Government or Public Relations? Or Nonprofits? Or what about a career in Marketing or Healthcare? There are so many career fields out there, but it can be difficult to know where to start. Your first step should be to check out our available Industry Guides for more detailed information and tips on how to jump start your career in industry fields that interest you!

  1. Advertising Career Guide 
  2. Communication Career Guide 
  3. Computer Science Career Guide 
  4. Data Science Career Guide
  5. Education Career Guide 
  6. Engineering Career Guide 
  7. Entrepreneurship Career Guide 
  8. Environmental Career Guide 
  9. Finance Career Guide 
  10. Government Policy Career Guide 
  11. Healthcare Career Guide 
  12. History Career Guide
  13. Human Resources Career Guide 
  14. Humanities Career Guide 
  15. Industry Science Career Guide 
  16. International Relations Career Guide
  17. Marketing Career Guide
  18. Nonprofit Career Guide
  19. Performing Arts Career Guide
  20. Philosophy/Religion/Classics Career Guide
  21. Public Relations Career Guide
  22. Pre-Law Career Guide
  23. Psychology Career Guide
  24. Social Science Career Guide
  25. Sports Journalism Career Guide
  26. Sports Media Career Guide