Career Advising & Exploration

Career and Professional Success (CaPS) provides advising and development resources, empowering you to obtain your goals in a career, postgraduate studies, and service. Our assistance is free of charge, for all Butler students and graduates, for life.


Before you ask any other question, ask the most fundamental: Who am I?

Think about and identify your strengths, interests, skills, and values through assessments, discussions, and thoughtful consideration.

Career Advising

Please schedule an appointment with one of our career advisors any time through Handshake, Butler’s online career advising and employment portal.

(All students have a Handshake account accessible with your Butler username/password. Graduates can request to join Butler’s network on the login page.)


Our advisors provide guidance primarily in the following areas: general career, internship, job, gap year, graduate school, and service. Your work together may include:

  • building and critiquing cover letters, resumes, and CVs
  • internship and job search strategies
  • networking resources and tips
  • practice interviews
  • designing a meaningful life

Career Studio and Peer Career Advising

Current students can get help from your peers.

Learn more about the Career Studio and Peer Career Advising.


If our advisors feel it’d be helpful for you, we administer the CliftonStrengths (formerly StrengthsQuest), Strong Interest Inventory, and Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessments. These appraisals illustrate your strengths and interests, and can aid in choosing (or changing) a major, graduate school, or career path. To request taking an assessment, please schedule an appointment at the link above. In the “Career Discovery and Exploration” category, choose “Assessment Pre-advising.”

Student Employment Assistance


How can you connect who you are with your future?

Research and explore a variety of opportunities and experiences that align with your strengths and preferences. Ask questions. Be intentional. Find your best fit.


How Internships Help You

“Because we live in an ever-evolving world, a diverse skill set is crucial.” — Julie Schrader ’01, MBA ’08

“My internship gave me the ability to gain diversity of experience. Butler prepared me through its liberal arts curriculum.” — Emily Flandermeyer ’19

To hear more of Emily’s story, watch the video below and read this article.



Industry Guides

CaPS invites you to download our Career Industry Guides, which synthesize information and advice from many professional and educational organizations.

The guides also include links to online development resources that are specific to areas of study.

Explore By Passion

Check out the My Next Move website to browse careers by keywords and industry, or receive career suggestions based upon what you like to do. My Next Move also has a website built specifically for veterans.

Please note: majors listed on the site include programs not currently offered at Butler.

Explore by Major

Check out the What Can I Do With This Major website to explore a wide variety of academic programs and possible career opportunities within those majors.

Please note: majors listed on the site include programs not currently offered at Butler.

Explore the Technology Sector

Check out Techpoint’s Jobs in Tech 101 website, which breaks down Indy’s tech landscape. Field by field, the site lists typical work activities, highlights stand-out professionals, and helps match your interests, abilities, and skills to a career path. Knowing how to code is not required.

Explore by Video

Check out the Candid Career website to access thousands of video interviews featuring professionals across in specific industries. Also, receive advice regarding soft skills, networking, and interviewing.

Please note: majors listed on the site include programs not currently offered at Butler.

Explore by Requirements

Check out the O*NET website to explore over 1,000 occupations covering the entire U.S. economy. The site has detailed descriptions of the world of work for use by workforce development, H.R. professionals, and researchers.

Please note: majors listed on the site include programs not currently offered at Butler.

Explore by Outlook

Check out the Occupational Outlook Handbook website to explore by highest paying, fastest growing, and most new jobs. You can also find information on duties, education and training, pay, and outlook for hundreds of occupations.

Please note: majors listed on the site include programs not currently offered at Butler.

Job Outlooks

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) surveys its members annually about hiring plans for new college graduates.

Explore by Data and Figures

Check out the Mergent Intellect website to access private and public U.S and international business data, industry news, facts and figures, executive contact information, the ability to access industry profiles, and more.

Please note: majors listed on the site include programs not currently offered at Butler.

You can also see the Indy Chamber of Commerce’s snapshot of the Indianapolis region’s current economic state, including employment, education, and the city’s vibrancy.

Explore Indiana’s Best

Check out the Best Places to Work in Indiana, an annual ranking from the Chamber of Commerce as determined through employer reports and comprehensive employee surveys. With all sizes represented, organizations are recognized for creating and sustaining workplace cultures in which employees flourish. By emphasizing personal and professional development, a healthy work-life balance, and offering benefits that make an impact in the lives of employees, they demonstrate dedication to listening to and respecting their employees.

Explore Indy with Us

Students can take part in Indy Summer Experience, a program affording you the opportunity to make connections with employers, have fun around town, and spend the summer with Butler peers.

Explore Graduate School

What about pursuing a post-graduate education? Careful consideration should be given to determine if it’s the right move for you at this point in your career. Check out our grad school guide.

Explore Gap Year and Service

Gap years can be pursued here in the U.S. through programs such as AmeriCorps, Teach For America, and City Year, or they can be completed abroad through various programs such as Peace Corps, teaching English, and working as an au pair. Check out our gap year and service guide.


Internships and Jobs

If employment is what you’d like to focus on, work through our Internship and Jobs guide.


Now that you know who you are and where you want to be, make a plan to get there.

Define your desired outcomes and create purposeful steps to attain them. Identify possible barriers and utilize a variety of resources to help you successfully reach your goals.

Career Advising

Career advising is an ongoing process. Don’t hesitate to check in with an advisor by scheduling an appointment anytime through Butler’s online employment portal, Handshake.

(All students have a Handshake account accessible with your Butler username/password. Graduates can request to join Butler’s network on the login page.)

Career Education

LC 301 Career Planning Strategies

This course is designed to teach you life-long career planning skills critical to both a smooth and successful transition from college to the workplace. Assignments include job search fundamentals like identifying your skills, resume and cover letter composition, interviewing, one-on-one networking with professionals, and career research. Additionally, you’ll learn to navigate the many transitions and challenges faced by new graduates. This course is intended for juniors and seniors. It’s offered in both fall and spring.

ID 390 Liberal Arts at Work

Fulfilling the Core Curriculum’s Indianapolis Community Requirement (ICR), this experiential course pairs the liberal arts with business fundamentals and synthesizes them in pursuit of understanding and addressing community challenges. The course provides tools that promote self-reflection, leadership growth, and career development. Through case studies, meetings with Indianapolis leaders from nonprofit, for-profit, and government entities, as well as cultural outings into the city, experiences in and out of the classroom will encourage you to think critically about yourself as part of organizational and community systems. This course is intended for juniors and seniors. It’s offered in the spring.

Building Better Bulldogs Webinars

In partnership with the Butler University Alumni Association, we present a special webinar series designed to help Butler grads take the next step in your career, whether that’s moving up the ladder, applying for graduate school, or switching industries.

Check out these free, online video sessions.


Refine your words and ideas.

Represent yourself professionally and confidently. Highlight your most relevant experiences and attributes. Effectively showcase your accomplishments to demonstrate that you are a strong candidate.

Transferable Skills

In a 2016 survey, employers ranked the following abilities as what they seek most in candidates:

  1. Verbally communicate with persons inside and outside the organization
  2. Work in a team structure
  3. Make decisions and solve problems
  4. Plan, organize, and prioritize work
  5. Obtain and process information
  6. Analyze quantitative data
  7. Technical knowledge related to the job
  8. Proficiency with computer software programs
  9. Create and/or edit written reports
  10. Sell or influence others

Learn how to use the desired abilities above and examples to help you take inventory of your transferable skills.

Application Materials and Interviews


Put your plan into action.

Apply the skills and knowledge you have gained to actively pursue opportunities that align with your goals. Continue to reflect upon your progress and refine your plan as needed.

We’re Here to Help

In addition to utilizing the resources above, please don’t hesitate to reach out at any time:

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