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Male Student at News Desk in Background, Female Student Talking on Headset at Camera, Male Student At Camera, All Producing TV Show in Fairbanks Studio 44

Entertainment Media and Journalism

Entertainment Media and Journalism students start gaining real-world experience on day one with practical coursework focusing on 21st century skills vital to the rapidly changing media landscape. With access to state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, and advanced technologies students produce professional quality work while building their career portfolios. Access to internship opportunities both locally and nationally as well as an extensive alumni network provide our students with expert insight and entry into the media market.


High quality internships in Indianapolis, Washington, DC, and nationwide provide hands-on experience prepping students for the demands of a dynamic media industry armed with a highly sought after and diverse skill set.

Student Success

From television stations, film studios, web development companies, recording studios, newspapers, digital news organizations, and the sports industry to graduate school, government positions, and law schools—EMJ graduates leave Butler with the know-how and practical field experience to work in any career immediately.

Department Highlights

Get Involved

The College of Communication provides practical experience through many student-run media outlets. These include the weekly newspaper The Butler Collegian, the video production company Indy Blue Video, online shows from Butler360Sports, webcasts on, and the online campus radio station Indy Blue Radio.


EMJ students study in a top media market starting freshman year. The Fairbanks Center houses a full-size, HD-capable video production studio and control room in addition to a professional-quality recording studio. Annually, Music Industry Studies students produce a full record album that includes locating talent, recording, mixing, mastering the final product, and marketing the recording. Students also operate an Internet radio station featuring content from Butler sports events to music and news.