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Indianapolis Skyline and White River

Center for Urban Ecology and Sustainability

Ecology for the City

The Center for Urban Ecology and Sustainability (CUES) strives to connect students, faculty, and community in a common effort to explore, enhance, and steward the urban environment through research, education, and outreach. The CUES operates from two theoretical frameworks: the traditional ecological understanding of the interactions between and among organisms and their urban environment (ecology “in” the city) and a systems ecology perspective where the city itself is viewed as an ecosystem (ecology “of” the city). Through these dual lenses, we work to solve real-world problems facing today’s cities, or ecology “for” the city.

Because we recognize the importance and complexity that humans bring to the system, all of our projects are inherently interdisciplinary, engaging disciplines across Butler’s campus from biology to business, and beyond. 

Learn more about the Center for Urban Ecology and Sustainability at Butler University or follow us on Facebook and @ButlerCUES on Twitter.

Interdisciplinary Research with Real World Impact

We strive to create a more sustainable world through research and collaboration with experts from natural and physical sciences, social sciences, health sciences, business, communications, urban planning, the arts, and education. 

A Living Example of Sustainability

The CUES Farm serves as a model for urban agriculture and a place-based hub for research, education, and outreach both within Butler and in the Indianapolis community.

Community Partnerships that Expand Impact

We don’t accomplish all this on our own! The CUES relies on community partnerships that support both project and student success.

Experiential Opportunities for All Butler Students

Our student internship and volunteer opportunities offer experiential learning, both on and off campus, to students from all majors. Recent students have come from business, international studies, biology, sociology, and more!