EM Experiential Opportunities

Internships and in-training positions are a great way to make contacts in the industry and to put your classroom skills into practice. Besides the amazing opportunities afforded students in the Richard M. Fairbanks Center for Communication and Technology, the Entertainment Media Program has established numerous professional relationships in Central Indiana and beyond. All CCOM students are encouraged to complete an internship or in-training during their studies at Butler.

Getting the Internship or In-Training Position

  1. Identify several places where you would like to intern the semester before your want to do your internship.
  2. Contact the potential intern sites and learn their requirements and procedures for applying for an internship.
  3. Visit with Butler Career Services and your advisor for advice on preparing the application materials.
  4. Submit your application.
  5. Follow up

Signing Up for Credit

  1. Download the internship or in-training contract and evaluation form.
  2. Have the contract signed by your site supervisor and bring it to the EM Program Director (102 Fairbanks).
  3. Give the evaluation form to your site supervisor.
  4. The EM Program Director will issue a permission number for you to enroll in CME 475 (6 credits) or CME 455 (3 credits).
  5. Enroll in the class.

During the Internship

  1. Behave and dress professionally.
  2. Be inquisitive and proactive.
  3. Keep a weekly journal or develop a portfolio of your work.
  4. Keep the EM Program Director informed of your progress.

At the End of the Internship

  1. Have your site supervisor complete the evaluation form, place in a sealed envelope and give it to you to bring to the EM Program Director.
  2. Have an exit interview with your site supervisor.
  3. Deliver your journal or portfolio and site supervisor’s evaluation to the EM Program Director.