Graduate Programs

In an increasingly digital and cluttered communication landscape, it’s becoming more challenging for organizations to engage with audiences in the right place at the right time with the right message. That’s why the College of Communication offers an online master’s program and graduate certificate in Strategic Communication—where students can grapple with these real-world issues.

Graduate students in our programs join an active, diverse, and talented community, representing many disciplines and professions.  Distinguished faculty bring a broad range of professional and academic experiences and innovative teaching practices to the classroom and are ready to be a partner as mentors, collaborators, and lifelong sources of suppor

Master of Science in Strategic Communication
The 30-credit hour online Master of Science in Strategic Communication program blends communication theory, emerging trends, and best practices to help develop industry leaders, capable of thinking critically, solving problems, and adapting to this rapidly evolving field. This program is designed to help you advance within your current organization or transition into a new career path, promoting personal growth and helping you tackle new challenges. Learn more about the master’s program.

Strategic Communication Certificate
The 12-credit hour online Strategic Communication Certificate offers an interdisciplinary curriculum that develops the knowledge, skills, and experience required for personal growth and career development in the rapidly changing strategic communication industry. Whether you’re looking for a graduate-level credential or a pathway into the Master’s in Strategic Communication, this certificate is a wonderful opportunity to enhance your strategic communication skills. Learn more about the certificate program.