The Speaker’s Lab

Preparing for a speech or an interview?

The Butler University Speaker’s Lab employs highly trained student tutors to give one-on-one help with the creation and delivery of both individual and group speeches or presentations.

Benefits of the Speaker’s Lab

Even if you’ve never spoken in front of a large group before, chances are you will encounter public speaking sometime during your life. Whether you’re giving a presentation for your classmates or addressing local politicians at a city council meeting, public speaking allows you to convey your thoughts and feelings in clear ways. Having the right tools can prepare you for successful public speaking and equip you with high-quality communication skills.

Go to WCOnline and register using your Butler email address. You can also cancel and reschedule your appointments via WCOnline. Please be courteous about cancellations. We know your schedule can change at the last minute, but whenever possible, we ask for at least two hours’ notice prior to a cancellation. Please note that tutors will wait 10 minutes for you to arrive for your appointment. If you arrive after 10 minutes, your appointment will be marked as a “no show,” to allow us to assist other writers. After three no-shows in one semester, your account will be disabled and you will not be allowed to make appointments at the Lab for the rest of the semester.