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CCOM Course Requirements

In addition to department-level course requirements, the College of Communication requires instruction in four collective areas about the world that enables you to communicate, to make informed decisions about many aspects of your life, to understand and to participate fully as an informed citizen in local, national and global matters. These requirements, totaling 15 credit hours,include:

  • COM 101—Public Speaking (3 credits)
  • SW 266—Media Literacy (3 credits)
  • Communication and Culture—3 credits from the following list:
    • CCM 376, Film, Culture and Criticism (3)
    • SLHS 338, Language and Culture (3)
    • CCM 254, Gender and Communication (3)
    • ORG 359, Intercultural Communication (3)
    • CCM 481, Technologies of the Body (3)
    • JR 417, Global Media (3)
    • CCM 365W, Media and Cultural Criticism (3)
    • CCM 468, Women & Rock (3)
    • CCM 470, Sports, Media & Culture (3)
    • JR 418, Gender and News: Global Views (3)
    • CCM 330, Representations of Race & Difference (3)
    • CCM 420, Queering Film (3)
    • CCM 482, Voices of Dissent & Social Change (3)
  • Foreign Language—3 credit hours at a 204 level or above or scoring an intermediate level or above on a proctored exam

Equipment Checkout

If you’re a current student enrolled in a CCOM production course, you may reserve time in edit bays, recording studios, or check out equipment for use on assignments in those courses. Please review the FAQs below before checking out equipment or making any reservations. Students are responsible for returning equipment in the same condition it was when received. Please be a good steward of our resources.

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