Psychology Student Awards

Each spring the Department of Psychology honors its outstanding students with departmental awards. We invite others to join us in celebrating their achievements.


The Yeager Award for excellent scholastic achievement and commitment to humanitarian purpose was established as a tribute to Edgar Lee Yeager,  associate professor emeritus of psychology and teacher at Butler from 1959 to 1975. This award is made to the student who best reflects high moral values, demonstrates an appreciation of their responsibility to others, and continues the tradition of excellence that Edgar Yeager represented.

  • 2023: Grace Kurban and Samantha Larson
  • 2022: Avery Buck

The Christy Scholarship is awarded in honor of Dr. Pamela Christy, a Butler alumna, to recognize outstanding performance in the psychology major. Undergraduate students enrolled in the psychology major in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences who are from Indiana, have a 3.3 minimum GPA, and receive financial aid are eligible.

  • 2023: Yossra Daiya, Tyler Outlaw-Bradley
  • 2022: Anna Overman, Elizabeth Trueblood

The award for Excellence in Psychology is presented to a psychology major who has contributed to the quality of the program through their dedication to the department.

  • 2023: Maya Joseph and Joseph Price
  • 2022: Emily Leonard

The Woodruff Diversity Award recognizes a psychology major who by action or personal characteristic promotes multiculturalism at Butler University.

  • 2023: Lennox Baker and Quinn Davis
  • 2022: Sabrina Stock, Camille Weiss

This award is  given in honor of Dr. Beck, professor emerita who served the Butler community for over 40 years. The award is given to a student who has shown dedication to a career in professional psychology.

  • 2023: Avery Buck
  • 2022: Abbey Collins

This award honors professor emeritus, Bob Dale, whose research focused on animal behavior. It is given to students whose research at Butler focuses on non-human animals under the supervision of a Butler faculty member.

  • 2023: Amarpreet Kaur
  • 2022: Presley Fletcher, Rebecca Greenberg

The Dr. Burrton Woodruff Undergraduate Research Award was established to recognize psychology students who conduct research that is excellent or innovative in methodology or statistical analysis. 

  • 2023:
  • 2022: Abiodun (Abey) Akinseye, Camille Weiss

The Stuart Research Fellowship was established to provide support for psychology majors presenting the results of their own research projects at national or regional professional conferences. 

  • 2023:
  • 2022: Abiodun (Abey) Akinseye, Justin Contreras, Allan Schneider, Stephanie Smith, Camille Weiss

The Interdisciplinary Excellence Award in Psychology celebrates psychology students who demonstrate an ability to integrate ideas from multiple disciplines into their understanding of psychology. The award recognizes originality, collaboration, and contribution to the field of psychology through interdisciplinary work.

  • 2023: Angie Zara