Chemistry & Biochemistry

Solve society’s most pressing issues.

If you’re interested in solving problems, working with others, learning in state-of-the-art facilities, and developing hands-on lab skills, Chemistry and Biochemistry may be a great fit for you.

Why Chemistry & Biochemistry?

As a Chemistry or Biochemistry major, students gain a strong foundation in the fundamentals of chemical structure and reactivity as they transition from students of science to practitioners of science. In the process, they learn how to develop experiments to study hypotheses, how to analyze materials to gain structural information, and how to solve complex problems. 

At Butler, students develop the knowledge to contribute to a number of scientific fields, build communication skills necessary to work with others, and hone problem solving skills that enable the pursuit of any number of career options, all while learning from some of the top faculty in the field. 

Our graduates work as chemists in local and national companies, attend some of the top graduate programs in the chemical and biochemical sciences, study at some of the top medical, dental, and optometry schools in the country, and pursue areas outside of science such as law, sales, and education.