Chemistry & Biochemistry Student Awards

Each spring the Clowes Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry honors its outstanding students with departmental awards. We invite others to join us in celebrating their achievements.


Presented to fourth-year students demonstrating academic excellence in the sciences over their entire academic career.

  • 2023: Allison Goss, Levi Hrabos, Courtney Vennekotter
  • 2022: Anthony Durand, Josephine Fieger

Presented to third-year students demonstrating academic excellence in a variety of science courses.

  • 2023: Hannah Beaven, Jackson Langford, Abigail McKinney, Margaret Samm
  • 2022: Andrew Peters, Emma Varness, Courtney Vennekotter

Presented to second-year majors showing the most promise in the field.

  • 2023: Brynn Baker, Joseph Hall, Andrew Helmerich, Emily Hwang, Jaelin Lunato, Mohammad Mourad, Preston Roa
  • 2022: Madeline Gilbert, Olivia Gooch, Allison Goss, Emily Landwehr, William Minnette III, Margaret Samm

Presented for making significant contributions to the department.

  • 2023: DeTonyeá Dickson
  • 2022: William Harris III


Presented to a student who has an interest in mathematics and chemistry. Dr. Shannon Lieb retired from Butler in 2017. His career was defined by his curiosity and interest in scientific puzzles.

  • 2022: Caitlin Dunlap
  • 2023: David Bogle

2023: Isabel Kluszynski