Engineering Dual Degree Program Student Awards

Each spring the Engineering Dual Degree Program honors its outstanding students with departmental awards. We invite others to join us in celebrating their achievements.


Presented for outstanding scholastic performance from each of the five classes.

2023 (Top 20% of EDDP Students)

First Year

  • Gabriela Campbell
  • Danika Casa
  • Benjamin Karlgaard
  • Devin Kelleher
  • Kandice Matthews
  • Jack Mitchell
  • Terry Ngai
  • Hayden Stott

Second Year

  • Nicholas Brenner
  • Kinsey Ewing
  • Tucker Hurst
  • Carter VanStone

Third Year

  • William Kissel
  • Jack Parcell
  • Anna Schroeder
  • Cooper Truong

Fourth Year

  • Hannah Beaven
  • John Frantz
  • Nolan Knight
  • Dylan Laudenschlager
  • Ella Murphy-Kalkbrenner

Fifth Year

  • Josephine Fieger
  • Connor Gallun
  • Jonathan Myers
  • Colton Ruhland

Presented to exceptional engineering students who have made significant service contribution to the Engineering Dual Degree Program.

  • 2023: Hannah Beaven, Austyne Taylor, Sally Wagner