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A Quiet Campus

This is perhaps the only Fall Break that I have remained on campus during my four years at Butler. In the past, even the thought of remaining here would have seemed ludicrous. I could be going home! I could get some home cooked food. Or any food for that matter (the cafeterias on campus were not open with the same quantity of hours as normal school days).

Yet I have found that the majority of this break has not been what I expected. I imagined that it would be deserted. Which it is. But I have a number of senior friends who are still on campus. In my circle of friends, campus isn’t that much altered. Maybe all the seniors are dreading the end of their days here, are determined to squeeze every last bit of enjoyment out of campus before it’s gone (some other bloggers agree!).

One advantage of a depleted campus is the HRC. Normally the weight lifting area is overloaded with the usual suspects of the grotesquely muscled. For a few blessed days it is not. I have taken advantage of the opportunity to learn about what happens in the depths of the gym. See below to see my progress and rate how well you think I did.


Campus Improvements

Here’s an inside look into the new Atherton Union. It’s a fantastic setup with lots of space, clean and sleek design, and plenty of delicious food to boot.

The workers strive to keep the space clean and orderly. The manager of the union can be found wandering around, greeting students and overseeing the grand opening of Atherton to the students.

There’s a fireplace! Although not very useful during the summer months, this could very well turn into a new hang out spot for students looking for a warm place to relax, do work, or socialize after dinner.

Other places on campus where work is being done: the new performance hall! Although I’m unsure of when it will be open for the public or for use by other students, it will be a great addition for theater majors, as well as another venue for performers.

Finally, other areas are being fixed up, minor maintenance on Jordan hall that will keep all of these wonderful, aged buildings in tip-top shape.