Institute for Well-being Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Butler University’s Institute for Well-being consultants bring more than 60 combined years of expertise in higher education administration and well-being programming. Our team is behind the development and implementation of the nationally-recognized BU|BeWell framework, and the nationally-administered Student Well-being Institutional Support Survey (SWISS). Our experiences in every facet of campus well-being—from research and assessment to program implementation and stakeholder buy-in—will help us turn your ideas into reality at your institution.

The Institute for Well-being at Butler University offers a comprehensive suite of consulting services to help institutions with everything from designing well-being programs, through establishing campus-wide initiatives and supports, and all of the stages in between.

The Institute for Well-being’s Consulting Services provide:

  • Assistance with the design of a well-being framework that fits the needs of your unique campus
  • Step-by-step guides for building stakeholder groups and well-being champions on your campus
  • Assessment of the current climate for student well-being at your institution, along with benchmarking data from other institutions
  • Mapping of your national survey results to your well-being framework to help you set realistic benchmarks and goals
  • Data-to-action guidance to help you operationalize assessment and survey results, make data-driven decisions, and efficiently use resources
  • Best practices for marketing your well-being initiative(s), creating awareness across campus, and integrated branding campaigns
  • Program implementation assistance for campuses that have very limited resources/staffing to operationalize well-being initiatives
  • Guides to collaborative programming that embeds well-being throughout the entire student experience
  • Consultation on building top-down support for well-being with your institutional leadership
  • In-person or Zoom consultations to review your programming and ideas and help align them with best practices nationally

Participating institutions may select any three of the above services for a flat rate of $10,000 (plus travel, if applicable). Additional services may be added on for $2,000 each.

As applicable to the services selected, institutions will receive customized recommendations; access to our team of consultant-practitioners; and reports on well-being data at your institution.

To schedule an introductory meeting or discuss a potential partnership, please contact Dr. Bridget Yuhas at, 317-940-4103, or Josh Downing at, 317-940-6144.