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Who We Are

When campuses prioritize students’ holistic well-being, students and institutions succeed. The Institute for Well-being at Butler University helps colleges and universities understand student need and improve well-being initiatives, allowing students and institutions to thrive.

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IWB Annual Report

We are pleased to release the first Institute for Well-being Annual Report, featuring results from the 2021-2022 SWISS survey and original research by the Qualtrics Higher Education team. Results from the report point to areas of success and opportunity for institutions as they work to support their students’ holistic well-being.

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Research & Assessment Services

The Student Well-being Institutional Support Survey gives colleges and universities insights into areas of strength and opportunity in their support of student well-being.

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Our online Certified Well-being Practitioner designation, offered in partnership with the National Wellness Institute, offers professionals a cutting-edge entry into the world of well-being while allowing flexibility in choosing when to take courses.

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Well-being Consultation staff members help clients frame and implement the well-being priorities and strategies most important to their unique environment, whether within higher education or in the corporate world.