Institute for Well-being Annual Awards                 

The nomination process is now closed and will reopen in December, 2024.
Award winners will be notified in early March, 2024. Award winners will receive graphics for promoting the receipt of their award on institutional website and social media, recognition on the Institute for Well-being website and social media accounts, press release promoting the award-winning campus, and a feature in the Institute for Well-being Annual Report.

Student Well-being Program of the Year
Innovative programming that supports student well-being is a key to helping improve the overall student experience in higher education.
Award winner for 2024: University of Massachusetts Lowell’s Well-being Leaders

Faculty/Staff Well-being Program of the Year
Supporting the faculty and staff who help to make each institution vibrant allows them to better support their communities and the students with whom they interact.
Award winner for 2024: North Carolina State University’s Wellness Champions

Excellence in Student Well-being Support
A college or university that supports students along multiple dimensions of their well-being not only helps students to thrive, but shows a commitment to the overall life of the institution.  
Award winner for 2024: Quinnipiac University

Excellence in Faculty/Staff Well-being Support
Institutions that ensure faculty and staff have access to and are aware of holistic supports for different facets of their well-being have demonstrated an investment in the long-term sustainability of their campuses.
Award winner for 2024: University of Virginia’s Kultivate Konnection program

Institute for Well-being Campus of the Year
A college or university that demonstrates a commitment to student, faculty, and staff well-being; emphasizes well-being in strategic planning and policies; and has institution and student leaders who support continued innovation in well-being programming can be considered for the IWB Campus of the Year Award.
Award winner for 2024: University of West Georgia