University Rules of Conduct


  • Upon being admitted, a student assumes an obligation to conduct oneself in a manner compatible with the University’s functions as an educational institution. The word “student” includes all persons admitted or taking courses at Butler University, both full-time and part-time, pursuing undergraduate or graduate studies and those who attend post-secondary institutions other than Butler University and reside in Butler University residence halls. Students who are not officially enrolled for a particular term but who have a continuing relationship with the University are considered “students.”
  • Butler University student organizations are expected to adhere to institutional regulations. Failure to do so may result in student conduct action being initiated against the group; consequently, policies, procedures, and sanctions set forth in this section apply to student organizations collectively, as well as to individual students. Officers of the student organizations are responsible for assuring compliance of all of their members with regulations and for representation when student conduct proceedings are initiated against the group.
  • Rules, policies, and guidelines should be read broadly and are not designed to define misconduct in exhaustive terms.
  • Students living in University-owned or approved housing shall comply with residence life rules and regulations relating to fire, health, safety, and maintenance standards, as well as with the terms and conditions of the residence and board agreement. (Please see Housing Policies & Procedures.) The Rules of Conduct and the residential life guidelines and regulations should be construed to complement each other.
  • The Rules of Conduct shall apply to conduct that occurs on University premises, at University sponsored activities, and to off-campus conduct that adversely affects the University community and/or the pursuit of its objectives.
  • ​Students are also responsible for the behavior of their guests. Because the actions of guests also affect members of the Butler community, students assume responsibility for those they host.
  • The conduct of a person who is a student and an employee may be reviewed under this system, the employee conduct code, or both, and may be subject to sanctions in both capacities.
  • A student may be found responsible for a violation of the Rules of Conduct if they attempt, facilitate, or engage in the prohibited conduct.

Misconduct for which students may be subject to sanctions falls into the following categories:

  1. Violation of the University’s published policies, regulations, or rules including, but not limited to, those governing hazing, academic integrity, parking violations, campus solicitation, harassment, sexual misconduct, student organizations, or University computing policies.
  2. Disruption of teaching, research, administrative, or student conduct procedures or other University activities, including its public functions, or other authorized activities on or off University premises.
  3. Involvement in behavior that could or does result in physical injury, destruction of University property or that of a third party, or obstruction of the normal functioning of the University property.
  4. Attempted or actual theft, unauthorized use or possession of University property or the property of others, dishonesty, or knowingly furnishing false information to the University.
  5. Violation of rules governing residential units or of those regulations and guidelines established by the individual residential units.
  6. Physical, mental, or verbal abuse of any person or any conduct that threatens or endangers the health or safety of any such person.
  7. Unauthorized entry, occupancy, or use of University facilities.
  8. Conduct that is disorderly, reckless, intimidating, lewd, indecent, or obscene.
  9. Unauthorized use, possession, manufacturing, sale or distribution of illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, or any controlled substance except as expressly permitted by law.
  10. Unauthorized use or possession of explosives, firearms, firecrackers, fireworks, paintball guns, other weapons, or dangerous chemicals on University owned or controlled property, or use of any such item, even if legally possessed, in a manner that harms, threatens, or causes fear to others.
  11. The use of any form of tobacco, nicotine or vaping/smoking device, in violation of the Butler University Smoke/Vape/Nicotine Free Policy.
  12. Failure to comply with directions of University officials acting in the performance of their duties.
  13. Use, possession, manufacturing or distribution of alcoholic beverages except as expressly permitted by law and/or Butler University regulations, or public intoxication.
  14. Violation of any federal, state, or municipal law.