Rights & Responsibilities

Each member of a community is afforded certain rights. Likewise, each member has responsibilities to the members of that community. The Butler University community has established rights as well as rules and regulations to promote the orderly conduct of its educational program. As an independent educational institution, Butler University is committed to educating its students academically, encouraging their personal development, and promoting their welfare. The University community can best perform its educational mission when students share with other members of the community the responsibility for orderly conduct in an environment of mutual respect. The administration of a conduct system is concerned not only with protecting the safety and well-being of the campus as a whole, but also with assuring that each student’s rights are recognized.

The aim of the Butler University student conduct system is the fair and consistent treatment of student conduct cases brought to its attention. In order to ensure the protection of the rights of the student, the University adheres to certain recognized procedures.

The University and Public Law

  • Like all other citizens, students are subject to federal, state, and municipal law. In general, offenses committed on campus will normally result in student conduct action by the University. In some instances, however, government authorities may also be called and/or charges may be filed through the appropriate court.
  • Students may be accountable to both civil and criminal authorities and to the University for acts that constitute violations of federal, state, or municipal law and the written University rules, regulations, and policies, regardless of where such alleged acts occurred. The University may proceed with student conduct action, whether or not civil or criminal proceedings have been instituted against the student for acts arising out of the same facts and circumstances. The University student conduct proceedings will not be abated or subject to challenge on the ground that the criminal charges involving the same incident are pending or have been dismissed or reduced. If a student is charged with a felony, the University, through the Vice President for Student Affairs or designee, reserves the right to take summary action and dismiss a student with the opportunity to apply for readmission.