Butler Student Handbook

Know your rights and responsibilities as a member of the Butler community.

The student handbook can serve as a map of the Butler University community—a reference guide covering a wide variety of topics. All Butler students are responsible to know and abide by the University rules, regulations, and policies that are referenced here. Additionally, this resource contains important information about the University’s student conduct system. It is to your benefit to familiarize yourself with its content.

While this student handbook is intended to be a fair summary of certain matters of interest to students, its readers should be aware that it is not a complete statement of all procedures, policies, rules and regulations of Butler University; the University has the right to change without notice any procedures, policies or programs that appear in the student handbook; and the various colleges and departments of the University may have their own procedures and policies that apply to students. In addition, except where expressly noted herein, this student handbook is not, nor is it intended, to create a contract between any student and the University. The terms set forth in this student handbook do not create contractual or legal rights for students.

Various committees and staff members of the University are responsible for the areas covered in the student handbook and the affiliated websites. The University, these committees and officers have the right to make changes in University regulations, policies, procedures and other matters as deemed appropriate, with or without notice to students. Updates and changes to University rules and policies that occur after August are likely to be highlighted on the Butler App, on department websites, and/or sent directly to a student’s Butler-assigned email addresses.

Butler students wishing further information concerning the topics dealt with in the student handbook are encouraged to contact the Office of the Dean of Students in Atherton Union, Room 311, 317-940-9470, and deanofstudents@butler.edu. Comments or concerns regarding the student handbook are welcome.