Student Conduct System


The student conduct process is an extension of the educational mission of the University. The process is intended to educate students about appropriate behavior and the potential consequences of one’s actions and choices. It promotes learning, personal responsibility, self-discipline, respect for others and self, and the support of the educational values of the community.

The University President has delegated the responsibility for matters of student conduct to the Vice President for Student Affairs. In an atmosphere of mutual respect, this responsibility has traditionally been shared by members of the Butler community—students, faculty and administration alike.

Unless specifically stipulated elsewhere in University policy, the Vice President for Student Affairs has designated the Dean of Students to serve as the primary staff member responsible for ensuring the conduct process is administered in a fair and equitable manner. “Vice President” in this section should be read as “Vice President or designee.” The Dean of Students has designated conduct officers to resolve reports of student misconduct through the process outlined in the Student Conduct System section of the Student Handbook.

Proposed changes in the student conduct system may be submitted to the Vice President for Student Affairs. The Vice President may consult with any University group affected by a change. Examples of University groups include, but are not limited to, the Appeals Board and student government association.

The Butler University student conduct system consists of administrative conduct reviews both informal and formal for students and/or student organizations. Appeals of administrative decisions can be heard by the Appeals Board. At all levels, these proceedings are not to be construed as legalistic judicial trials, but care shall be taken to provide a fundamentally fair process for the review of a student’s conduct. Alleged violations of University rules and regulations may be brought to the attention of the Vice President or designee by any member of the University community and from external constituencies.