Leadership Impact Award

The Family Council consists of a membership of approximately 50 families. Members represent all four undergraduate classes. Members of the Family Council come from various backgrounds and regions and are extremely important as they serve as the voice of families of current Butler students.

The Butler University Family Council accepted nominations for the Spring 2023 Leadership Impact Award program, which recognizes faculty and staff for their contributions to the learning and development of current Butler students. From the nominations submitted, members of the Family Council selected two honorees as Leadership Impact Award winners. Nominations were open to family members of current Butler University students.

Honorees were recognized at the Spring Family Council meeting in March 2023, are featured here on the Family Council website, the leader of their department was notified, and they received a physical Leadership Impact Award.

The deadline to complete the application was Friday, February 24, 2023. Please email parent@butler.edu if you have any questions.

**The deadline for the spring 2023 Leadership Impact Award has now passed. Spring 2024 award nominations will be requested leading up to the spring 2024 Family Weekend.**


Congratulations to Dr. Tatsiana Karaliova of the College of Communication, and Dr. Jason Lantzer, of the University Honors Program. These two faculty members make up the spring 2023 winners of the Family Council Leadership Impact Award, nominated by Butler student families, and chosen by members of the Butler Family Council.

Dr. Tatsiana Karaliova’s nominator included the following: “Something I remember [my student] saying is that more than any other professor she has had, Dr. Karaliova cares about her students as both people and students. She starts every class by asking how the students are doing, what’s going well in their life, and finding out where they might need help or support. While she values learning and deep intellectual conversations, she adjusts assignments or class schedules if she finds students suffering mentally and/or physically. Their well-being is her number one priority.”

Dr. Jason Lantzer’s nominator included the following: “As a parent, I appreciated that he both knew she could use some down time and that he knew what her favorite show was. As a parent, it is a true gift to know that your child has a professor like Prof. Lantzer who truly sees them, cares about them, and goes the extra mile to help them be their best self.”

Seven people in Johnson Boardroom with central folks holding certificate and award.
Dr. Tatisana Karaliova and members of the Family Council, celebrating Dr. Karaliova’s Leadership Impact Award at the Family Council spring meeting, 2023.