Butler Family Council

The Family Council is an excellent way to stay involved with Butler University and represent Butler in your community during your student’s undergraduate career. Members of the Family Council come from various backgrounds and regions and are extremely important as they serve as the voice of families of current Butler students. Additionally, the Council sponsors the Award of Excellence program, recognizing faculty and staff for their work on behalf of parents and families.

The Family Council consists of a membership of approximately 50 families. Members represent all four undergraduate classes. Members can serve for the entire duration of their Butler student’s undergraduate career.

Family Council members are expected to:

  • Attend two meetings per year (Friday of Family Weekend in October and the Friday of Scholarship Weekend in April)
  • Meet virtually as a member of one of the Family Council Committees throughout the year
  • Volunteer as a representative of the Family Council

Volunteer opportunities for Family Council members include admission recruiting, helping during Orientation and Family Weekend, participating in Family Council committees of Advocacy, Communications, Programming and Awards and Recognition, speaking with prospective/new family members, student mentoring, assisting with fundraising, and assisting with regional events.

Apply to Join

Applications to join the Family Council have closed for the 2021–2022 cycle. Applications will re-open in Summer 2022.

Family Council Members

The following members of the Family Council are happy to be a resource to you as fellow Butler family members.

Mary and Michael Cahill
Collin Cahill ’22

Katherine and Manou Chahmirzadi
Mia Chahmirzadi ’24

Terri Cummings 
Devon Cummings ’23

Scott Drichel
Anika Drichel ’25

Dawn Jones-Gaffney
Ailayna Gaffney ’24

Darcy Guttwein
Toran Thompson ’21

Lisa Harlan
Chase Harlan ’21

Sandy and Brion Johnson 
Riley Johnson ’22

Elisabeth and Ricky Jusino 
Tatiana Jusino ’24

Alex and Julie Kemper
Anna Kemper ’22

Lee and Bonnie Kirkpatrick
Jack Kirkpatrick ’21 

Carolyn and Steve Korman
Xan Korman ’23

Pamela and Jeff Liggett 
Abigail Liggett ’25

Chris, Kerrie, and Ashley Marshall
Aaron Marshall ’23

Julia McDonald 
Grace McDonald ’22

Jackie Mewborn ’88
Joseph Mewborn ’17, Matt Mewborn ’21 

Leila Nabors and Pam Hudson 
Fran Hudson ’24

John and Robin Rice 
Justin Rice ’20 and Alexis Rice ’23

Ann Soards ’95 
Katelyn Soards ’23

Jennifer and Bryan Sorge
Luke Sorge ’24

Beth Squires
Matthew Brant Stein ’22 

Cece and Rich Strand
Andrew Strand ’23

Jack and Mary Surridge
Jessie Surridge ’21

Mary Virginia and John Sweeney
James Sweeney ’22

Tom Varner
Benjamin Varner ’22

Cristina Veraza
Jorge Veraza ’22

Jacqueline and Tom Wiggins
Joan Wiggins ’22 

Lorene and Brant Wright
Amelia Wright ’22

Shannan and Eric Younger 
Megan McFadden ’24

Luke and Stella Zeheralis
Lynn Zeheralis ’15, Chris Zeheralis ’22