Butler Family Council

The Family Council is an excellent way to stay involved with Butler University and represent Butler in your community during your student’s undergraduate career. Members of the Family Council come from various backgrounds and regions and are extremely important as they serve as the voice of families of current Butler students. Additionally, the Council sponsors the Leadership Impact Award program, recognizing faculty and staff for their work on behalf of parents and families.

The Family Council consists of a membership of approximately 50 families. Members represent all four undergraduate classes. Members can serve for the entire duration of their Butler student’s undergraduate career.

Family Council members are expected to:

  • Attend two meetings per year: Friday of Family Weekend (Sept. 29, 2023) and a Spring date in late March or early April, 2024
  • Meet virtually as a member of one of the Family Council Committees throughout the year
  • Volunteer as a representative of the Family Council

Volunteer opportunities for Family Council members include admission recruiting, helping during Orientation and Family Weekend, participating in Family Council committees of Advocacy, Communications, Programming and Awards and Recognition, speaking with prospective/new family members, student mentoring, assisting with fundraising, and assisting with regional events.


The application for the 2023-24 Family Council is now closed and will re-open May 2024. To those interested, Butler student family members can apply to be on the Council each year their student is enrolled as a Butler undergraduate student. We appreciate those that apply and welcome those not on the council to apply again in 2024!

Family Council Members

The following members of the Family Council are happy to be a resource to you as fellow Butler family members.

Katherine and Manou Chahmirzadi
Mia Chahmirzadi ’24

Tamara and Patrick Daley
Mary Katherine Daley ‘24

Glen Danahey
Brock Danahey ‘26

Starr Dinio
Solee Dinio ‘25

Scott Drichel
Anika Drichel ’25

Beth Ernsberger ’90
Isabella Ernsberger ’25

Jamie and David Fryrear ’03
Julia Fryrear ’24

Jerrod and April Furlong
Emma Furlong Fryrear ’27

Trish and Mark Goodman
Pilar Goodman ’26

Tim and Jana Heinrich
Caitlin Heinrich ’25

Elaine Hicks
Brendan Hicks ’25

Elisabeth and Ricky Jusino 
Tatiana Jusino ’24

Dawn Karalfa
Damica Marshall ’24

Gail Mayerle-Isbell ’95
Anna Isbell ’25

Kelly and Troy Metz
Jameson Metz ’27

Colleen and Anthony Miccolis
Alison Miccolis ’24

Elizabeth Morando
Gabriella Morando ’24

Tahcia Olsen ’88
Emily Olsen ’23

Allen Rodriguez
Alessa Rodriguez ’26

Anna Roshal
Arie Likhtman ’24

Steve Rubloff
Evan Rubloff ’25 

Ann Soards ’95
Katelyn Soards ’23

Alanna Verdi
Sadie Nelson ’26

Jennifer Velarde
Jennifer Velarde on ’27

Shannan and Eric Younger
Megan McFadden ’24