Applying to Graduate


You’re almost there! Here is what you need to do in order to be ready to graduate: 

  • Submit your online graduation application through your Student Center.
    • To access the online graduation application from your Student Center, select the Other Academics tab, choose the Apply for Graduation option, then click on the Apply for Graduation link. Select the term you will complete all requirements, click Continue, and then click Submit Application.
  • Provide us with your name as you want printed on your diploma.
    •  At in the Student Center, scroll down to the Personal Information section and click on Names. Click on Add a New Name and in the drop-down box pick Degree Name. Put in your name exactly as you want it printed on your diploma and click Save.
  • Check your transcript in My.Butler to see that you have officially declared all majors and minors that you will be completing.
    • You will not be able to graduate with a major/minor that you have not declared. Visit your Dean’s Office to make any necessary adjustments to your declared majors and/or minors.
  • Check your Academic Requirement Report
    • Your academic requirement report shows how the courses you have taken are being used to fulfill degree requirements, please consult your personalized academic advising audit, which can be accessed by clicking the “Academic Advisements” link from the Student Center page in 

Deadline to apply for December 2024 graduation: May 1, 2024
Deadline to apply for May 2025 graduation: November 1, 2024
Deadline to apply for August 2025 graduation: April 1, 2025

Permission to Walk

Degree-seeking students who wish to participate in the Commencement ceremony before completing all their graduation requirements must obtain a signed permission to walk form. This form can be obtained by contacting the student’s advisor. Students who graduated in August or December before Commencement do not need a permission to walk form. The deadline for the permission to walk form is the second Friday in April.

Final Year of Academic Residence

Normally a student is expected to take their final 30 credit hours of academic work here at Butler. If it appears that you need to take one or more classes at another university, you should discuss this with the dean in your college. In some circumstances, they may grant “Permission to Intrude”. To obtain permission, begin by completing this form.

Life After Butler

From the time you apply for graduation up until one year after you have graduated, you are entitled to a maximum of five free transcripts. After that, there is a fee for each transcript. The current fee is $12.00 per copy.

Contact Registration and Records to obtain your free transcripts. Additional transcripts may be ordered online thru the National Student Clearinghouse.

The Registration and Records Office is available by telephone at 317-940-9203 and by fax at 317-940-6539. We are happy to answer your questions about graduation, commencement, enrollment verifications, or transcripts.