Pharmacy Technology Requirements 2023-2024

In order to be successful in the Pharmacy program ALL Professional Phase students are required to have a mobile computing device with integrated stylus/pen functionality for all professional years of the program. Students will be able to choose and purchase a device from any manufacturer they wish that meets their learning needs, as long as it meets the minimum requirements as outlined below. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that he/she has a functioning device in all classes at all times, no exceptions.

As part of P1 orientation students will be asked to complete a task demonstrating that he/she has a mobile computing device with stylus/pen functionality.

Students who fail to comply with this requirement and therefore cannot participate in a specific course, complete a course assignment, or participate in the classroom where computer use is expected will be assessed an academic penalty deemed appropriate by the course instructor. Exceptions will only be made for those times when a student is utilizing a loaner device for a temporary period of time.

Pharmacy Technology Program – Minimum Hardware Requirements (can be exceeded)
Input Device Integrated digital stylus/pen that allows for the input of digital handwriting is required.
A capacitive touch pen/stylus mimics a fingertip and is not acceptable, as they cannot draw precisely
enough for
Pharmacy related tasks such as annotations, calculations, and drawing chemical structures.
Processor Intel i5 or greater
Memory (RAM) 8 GB minimum (16 GB or more recommended)
Physical Storage 128 GB (recommend 250 GB)
Ports USB, SD or MicroSD
Wireless/Network Card Wireless: Dual Band 802.11n/ac
Wired: Ethernet Card (optional)
Webcam Built-in or External
Operating System Convertible Tablet PC: 

  • Windows 10 and 11 (64-bit)

Dedicated Tablet: 

  •  Windows 10 and 11 (64-bit)
Backup Storage External USB Hard Drive (500 GB minimum recommended)
Optical Drive DVD-ROM/DVD-RW (optional)
Warranty It is recommended to purchase a warranty that matches the length of time you anticipate utilizing the device.
Screen Resolution 1280×768 or higher

Devices that are not acceptable: Dedicated Tablets running Windows 7, Windows RT, Windows 10 and 11 in S mode, Android operating systems, Chromebooks, Mac laptops, iOS devices (iPads), or any device that is touch screen only. For questions contact the IT Help Desk.

Devices Meeting the Pharmacy Technology Program Minimum Hardware Requirements

A convertible laptop is much like a regular laptop with an integrated keyboard, touch pad, and onboard ports/peripherals, but the screen swivels around to convert it into tablet mode. Most devices support touch input along with the integrated stylus/pen input.

(Note: these are only examples and are in no way recommended.)

Please note:
Many of the new convertible laptops/ultrabooks are touch screen only and do not have an integrated stylus/pen. Be sure it has an integrated digital stylus/pen!

A dedicated tablet is a standalone device that requires an external keyboard/touch pad/mouse and may or may or may not have onboard ports. Some devices have external docks/sleeves that provide the device with additional ports and battery life. Most support touch input along with the integrated stylus/pen input. Due to the use of ExamSoft in the professional phase of the Pharmacy Program, the only dedicated tablet devices that works with Examplify are the Microsoft Surface Pro and Microsoft Surface Book.

(Note: these are only examples and are in no way recommendations)


Over the course of the 4-year professional phase of the Pharmacy program you will likely need to replace accessories such as internal/external batteries, power bricks, styluses/pens, external keyboards, and possibly even your device.

  • It is recommended that you purchase at least 1-extra stylus/pen ahead of time to have on hand in the event you misplace one.
  • The IT Help Desk will NOT have ANY extra accessories.
  • Note taking App such as Microsoft OneNote (included in Office 365), that supports the integrated stylus/pen.
    • Collaboration  needs are satisfied with Google Apps through your Butler Google account, but Google Apps do not support the integrated stylus/pen.
  • Microsoft Office 365
  •  PrintSmart Client for On-Campus Printing

The Pharmacy Program delivers the majority of assessments through ExamSoft. ExamSoft is a secure computer-based testing platform that allows the ability to streamline the testing process and better track student performance. By using this software, we are able to better assess student progress throughout our program and evaluate the success of our curriculum in meeting program and college outcomes.

Students will take their assessments on their own devices (Windows laptops) using the Examplify software. While our recommended minimum system requirements (see table above) meet or exceed Examsoft’s minimum requirements in some areas, you are encouraged to confirm that your device also meets the Examplify minimum requirements for Windows laptops. Please note that the version of ExamSoft being used at Butler is not compatible with iPads; a Windows laptop must be used.

Windows Examplify Minimum Requirements

In an effort to reduce the chance of data loss, all Pharmacy students are required to routinely back up their own data. Good data backup practices are essential to a student’s academic career.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure he/she has a functioning device in all classes at all times, no exceptions.

The Pharmacy Technology Program is designed to assure that every pharmacy student has the requisite mobile computing hardware and software to be successful in a technology rich learning environment and to facilitate aggressive development of the mobile computing infrastructure in the College.

Students will select and purchase a mobile computing device that best meets their learning needs that meets the Minimum Hardware Requirements. This purchase may be done at any time prior to the fall of the P1 year. If the mobile computing device is purchased during the student’s freshman or sophomore year, keep in mind it is unlikely that a mobile computing device will last 6 years and it may require replacement at some point during the professional phase. As part of P1 orientation students will be required to demonstrate that they have acquired an appropriate mobile computing device.  Since device acquisition will be required of all entering P1 students, the cost of the device will be covered by financial aid if needed. Contact the Office of Financial Aid for more information

The mobile computing device will be owned by the student and the student will be responsible for maintenance and repair. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure he/she has a functioning device in all classes at all times, no exceptions. See the “Support” section for more details on what hardware and software support services the Butler IT Help Desk offers to students.

Yes, the name of the fee for the Pharmacy Technology Program is the COPHS Technology Fee. The COPHS Technology Fee is $175/semester. All professional phase pharmacy students will be required to participate in the Pharmacy Technology Program and all will be charged the COPHS Technology Fee for each semester they are enrolled in the professional program. The COPHS Technology Fee covers licensing fees for software used in instruction and for the scheduling of experiential rotations as well as maintenance and upgrading of the technologies used in classroom and laboratory experiences for students.

Apple does not currently offer a Mac laptop with an integrated digital pen/stylus.  The iPad Air 4 and iPad mini only support a capacitive stylus, which mimics a fingertip and is not precise enough for pharmacy related tasks such as annotations, calculations, and drawing structures. The iPad Pro does have an integrated digital pen/stylus, the Apple Pencil for iPad Pro, however specific curricular applications in the pharmacy curriculum require students to have a Windows operating system. This being said, technically a student could have an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, but they would still be required to have a secondary Windows OS device. Additionally, a student could technically have a Mac laptop, but they would still be required to have a Windows OS device and/or a device with a digital pen/stylus. Therefore, it is not recommended as a very practical solution for pharmacy students to have to manage multiple mobile computing devices.

Obtaining a device that meets the Pharmacy Technology Program requirements prior to your P1 year is acceptable. However, keep in mind that if you purchase a device to utilize during your first (PP1) and/or sophomore (PP2) year(s) the device may or may not last through all of the pre-professional and professional phase years of the program (6 years total). Also, between your PP1 and PP2 years new devices will likely come on the market.  As an example, you may wish to obtain and utilize a device for the first 3-4 years and then upgrade or obtain a different device during your final 2-3 years as needed. This program provides you the flexibility to obtain and replace your required device whenever best meets your needs, as long as you have it during the professional phase years of the pharmacy program.