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Holcomb Building
Information Technology


About PrintSmart

PrintSmart is Butler's print accountability program. Butler students get print allotments to use for their academic printing needs, and faculty and staff use PrintSmart to print, copy, fax, and scan.

Locations for PrintSmart Devices - listing of printer/copiers (including scanning and fax capability) by building. Note: not all printers are availabile to students. 

Check Your PrintSmart Account (on campus only) - See all your transactions and environmental impact

Document Hardware Management Standards - Allocation and usage standards for document production assets across campus

Report problems and requests for toner to the IT Help Desk. For paper, contact the person in your department or area that orders office supplies; if you are in a residence hall, please contact the residence hall front desk for paper.  

Note about personal printers: Butler does not allow personal wireless printers to be used on-campus due to interference they cause with the wireless network. Students may connect a printer directly to their computer (via USB). 


Frequently Asked Questions:

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