Logos & Wordmarks

University Logos

The new Butler wordmark is configured for vertical and horizontal environments and placements. These are the primary academic marks that identify Butler University and should appear on all print and electronic communication and University signage.

The Butler logo is available in three different color schemes: a full-color version, a one-color version, and as art that can be reversed on a solid background.

College Logos

Each of the six colleges is represented in this logo system by its pairings with the Butler wordmark. Logos available to the Colleges are also available in three different configurations, as well as color versions and as art that can be reversed on a solid background.


Please be sure to follow all licensing and trademark guidelines when using any logos or wordmarks provided below. Licensed vendors must be used by anyone wishing to use the marks, logos, and symbols of the University. A list of licensed vendors is available by emailing Mike Freeman, Senior Associate Athletic Director External Operations.

To Access: All logos noted above are available to all members of the Butler campus with a Butler login via a shared Google folder. Please email marketinginfo@butler.edu if you encounter any problems accessing these.

For those outside the Butler community, you can request a logo by emailing marketinginfo@butler.edu.