Current Student Guidelines & Department Policies

The Department of Dance has a long and proud history of developing dancers and we are pleased that you have chosen to become part of the legacy. We are here to help you realize your goals and dreams. Doing so involves creating a partnership between you and the Dance faculty, staff, students and alumni. The faculty and staff will support your academic and artistic development. Academic achievement and artistic progress takes full commitment from us and from you.

It is the expectation of the faculty that you share responsibility for your development through class participation, timely completion of assignments, artistic contribution to the creative process and assigned roles for production along with other requirements as stated in course syllabi. Participation in additional opportunities when offered by the department will greatly expand your artistic growth.

The dance field is highly competitive. In order to be successful, you need to nurture and exploit your unique talents, personality and your potential contribution to the art-form. It will be your responsibility to plan, set goals, research career opportunities and develop personal strategies that will factor into your future. During your time in the dance department, we advise you to take advantage of all possible opportunities that may enhance your artistic growth and maturity.