About the Department of Dance

The Department of Dance of the Jordan College of the Arts at Butler University provides high-quality, conservatory-level training for those students that seek future professions in dance. It maintains a national and international voice in the education of well-rounded artist/citizens. It endeavors to develop dancers capable of specialization and versatility; technical mastery, and mature artistic expression; to foster in its students an understanding of dance in a global context; to encourage leadership in honoring the traditions of the art-form; and to inspire exploration in innovative practices.

The programs of the Department of Dance provide a foundation of dance training with a central but non-exclusive focus on classical ballet, which is integrated with a rigorous liberal arts education. Additionally, through the performances of the ButlerBallet, we provide excellent quality concert dance to Butler University, to the city of Indianapolis, and to the region.

The Department of Dance accomplishes its mission through the following goals:

  • To educate students in many facets of the art of dance.
  • To develop academic and artistic excellence.
  • To prepare dancers for future professions in the art-form: as performers, choreographers, teachers, administrators, and scholars.
  • To provide high quality technical training to serious dance students; focused on classical ballet technique and integrating significant additional study in other dance forms, while providing a broad exposure to essential theoretical areas of dance and to liberal arts, so as to encourage well-rounded, thinking dancers who have much to contribute to their profession.
  • To serve the College, the University, and the community-at-large through a variety of outreach programs and through collaborations with educational and professional arts organizations.

Butler University has been a fully accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Dance (NASD) since 1992. The organization is composed of schools and individuals representing the highest traditions and aims in the education of dance students. The association provides a forum for the examination and improvement of practices and professional standards in dance education and training. Butler University highly values its membership in NASD.