How to Apply to JCA

In addition to the Butler Application or Common App (see the Admission site for more details on the general application), applicants wishing to major in the arts have the following additional requirements:

  • Complete an arts discipline-specific supplemental application for applicants majoring in Art, Arts Administration, Dance, Music, and Theatre. The supplemental application will be available on the Student Status Page soon after the Butler Application or Common App has been submitted.
  • Once the supplemental application is submitted, applicants will receive an email to sign up for an audition, portfolio review, and/or interview, when necessary:
    • Art + Design: portfolio review conducted by Art faculty only, no scheduled review necessary
    • Arts Administration: interview only for General and Art History applicants, audition or portfolio review and interview for Art, Music, and Theatre applicants
    • Dance: audition for all applicants, either video submission or in-person are available
    • Music: Vocal applicants: video pre-screen and possible invitation to an in-person audition; Instrumental applicants: in-person audition
    • Theatre: audition or portfolio review

Contact Us

If you have additional questions about the application process or selection of the audition, interview, or portfolio review date, please contact:

Amy Barnes
Associate Director of Recruitment
Jordan College of the Arts