Current Student Resources

This page is designed to be a location for forms and information necessary for Jordan College of the Arts Students.  If you do not find the information that you are looking for here, please contact your departmental administrator or Janice Thornburgh in the main Jordan College of the Arts office.

As an essential component of arts education, all undergraduate JCA majors (including primary, secondary majors, and music minors) are required to attend events in their discipline and related areas. Double majors within JCA are required to attend the total number of arts events required for their primary major, plus attend one-half the number of arts events required for their secondary major. Each department establishes minimum attendance expectations for its students. Attendance records will be maintained in the JCA office; see Janice Thornburgh in the JCA main office if you have any questions.


  • All JCA student, faculty, and guest recitals/productions/exhibitions/lectures, along with all Clowes Hall arts events, will satisfy attendance requirements. To receive credit for on-campus events, obtain an Event Attendance Card prior to the start of the performance. Complete the card and return it to the person in charge at the conclusion of the performance.
  • Outside events are limited to those that are closely related in nature to on-campus productions.
  • Students will not receive credit for performances or exhibitions in which they participate.
  • Attendance at repeat performances of the same program will not count.

Art Majors

  • Art majors are required to attend 6 exhibition receptions, gallery tours, or guest artist lectures each year. These include on-campus opening art exhibition receptions at the Jordan College Annex, as well as off-campus visits to Newfields/IMA, Gallery 924, and the Harrison Center for the Arts.
  • Over the course of 4 years, students are required to attend 2 arts events in outside disciplines, specifically, 2 events each in dance, music, and theatre.
  • There are no event attendance requirements for Art +Design or Art HIstory minors.

Arts Administration – General; Arts Admin/Music and Arts Admin/Theatre

  • Arts Administration Generalist majors and Arts Administration Music majors are required to attend 12 performances/events each year.  Arts credits should include all JCA disciplines each year.
  • Students participating in a full-time internship or study abroad program during the academic year are required to attend 6 performances.
  • Arts Administration Theatre majors are required to follow the Department of Theatre arts event attendance requirements.

Dance Majors

  • Dance students must register for the appropriate sections of DA190/290/390/490 each spring term of full-time enrollment. This course is exempt from the 4-course Pass/Fail limit.
  • Dance majors are required to complete 10 arts credits annually for DA 190, 8 arts credits annually for DA 290, 6 arts credits annually for DA 390, and 6 arts credits annually for DA 490.
  • These Pass/Fail, non-credit courses require attendance at dance, music, theatre, art, and arts-related lecture events as prescribed by each course.
  • There are no event attendance requirements for Dance minors.

Music Majors

  • Music majors are required to attend 16 performances/events per year; for students who are student teaching, studying abroad, or in full-time internships during the academic year, only 8 performances/events will be required for that year. Arts-related lecture events will also count.
  • Annual distribution will be 8 in music, 2 in theater, 2 in dance, 2 in visual arts, and 2 of student’s choice (from any of the previous categories). If student teaching, studying abroad, or in a full-time internship, the distribution for that year is 4 in music, 1in theater, 1 in dance, 1 in visual art, and 1 of the student’s choice (from any of the previous categories).

Music Minors

  • Music and Jazz Studies minors must attend a minimum of 16 events during their matriculation at Butler, regardless of the number of semesters of enrollment as an official Music or Jazz Studies minor. Arts-related le ture events will also count.
  • Of these events, 8 must be in music, 2 in art, 2 in dance, 2 in theatre, and 2 of the student’s choice (from any of the previous categories).

Theatre Majors

  • Theatre majors are required to attend all Butler Theatre Mainstage and student productions; attendance is tracked within the department. Theatre majors are also required to attend designated professional theatre productions.
  • Over the course of 4 years, students are required to attend 2 arts events in outside disciplines, specifically, 2 events each in art, dance, and music. These events are assignments in required Theatre courses and will be tracked in the individual courses.
  • There are no event attendance requirements for Theatre minors.

Adopted Feb. 2000; Revised Aug. 2003; Revised Aug. 2010; Revised Spring 2013; Revised Fall 2016; Revised Fall 2018, Revised Fall 2021

Jordan College of the Arts Student Basics: This isn’t going to cover everything you may have questions about, but it’s a start. Feel free to ask your department secretary about anything not covered.

We’re glad to have you at Jordan College—Good luck this year!

Building Hours

Lilly Hall is open daily from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. At 11 p.m., the building will switch to keycard access until 7 a.m.; at that time, you will be able to use your student identification card to enter the building. Please do not block open doors to allow access for other students. Interior rooms must be reserved by utilizing the online event scheduling system. Any student caught accessing rooms they have not scheduled or otherwise defacing the building will have their late night access revoked. Staff office hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Faculty office hours are posted outside of their door.

Calendar of Events

The Jordan College of the Arts staff makes every effort to ensure that our performance information is included on the University’s web calendar. When you schedule an event using the online event scheduling system, the JCA Facilities and Events Manager will send you an email link requesting more information. Please respond promptly or your event will not be added to the Jordan College/campus calendar.

Dance Studios/Theatre Spaces

Use of dance studios is restricted to dance majors, and use of theatre space is restricted to theatre students. Please request these spaces utilizing the online event scheduling system and after receiving confirmation, check out a key from the proper department secretary.


If you are on campus and need emergency assistance, call the University Police Emergency Number, 911. There are ‘blue’ emergency phones located outside the west and east sides of Lilly Hall, as well as in the practice room area on the second floor.


In the event of an illness or emergency, email the professors for those classes you’ll miss, or contact the JCA main office at 317-940-9231 ( to leave a message. Contacting the main office does NOT constitute an excused absence.

Instrument Rental

University-owned instruments may be rented by contacting and making arrangements with Laurel Crutchfield at


  • Large instrument lockers may be checked out from the Instrument Room, LH198, during posted hours.
  • Hallway lockers may be checked out from the Lilly Hall receptionist in the JCA Main Office.
  • Dance dressing room lockers may be checked out from the dance secretary in LH050.
  • Jordan College-issued locks MUST be used on the lockers.
  • The University is NOT responsible for personal instruments and/or property stolen from lockers. You are strongly encouraged to privately insure your personal property.

Lost and Found

Items found in Lilly Hall should be turned in to the JCA Main Office. If you’re looking for a lost item, check with the JCA Main Office, the department offices, and with BUPD.

Practice Room Keys

If you are a piano major and need a key to the locked piano rooms, see the music secretary in room LH229.

Rehearsal Space/Recitals

The online event scheduling system allows you to see what rooms are available for rehearsals and/or performances. All online requests for Lilly Hall and the Eidson-Duckwall Recital Hall are expedited through the JCA Facilities Manager. Music student recitals are presented in the Eidson-Duckwall Recital Hall; it is strongly advised that you schedule recital dates well in advance due to the high use of the space. Information about recital policies and procedures is available here. When you receive confirmation for your rehearsal/event/recital, you will be sent additional instructions. See your Applied Music teacher for additional information. All events for student organizations must go through The Programs for Leadership and Service Education (PuLSE) office. Any student caught utilizing Lilly Hall/Recital Hall space for a student organization without going through the PuLSE office will have their online scheduling privileges revoked.


If you need to report suspicious activity or need an escort, please contact the Butler University Police Department at 317-940-9396.

Sign Posting

As we start a new year with many student organizations and departments providing opportunities for involvement, the Programs for Leadership and Service Education (PuLSE) office would like to remind everyone of the posting policies. All signs, flyers and other postings, with the exception of departmental notices, must be approved and stamped by the PuLSE office, located in Atherton Union, room 101. Flyers with job opportunities must be approved by Internship and Career Service located in Atherton Union, room 315. Notices and signs must clearly state the official name of the sponsoring organization or individual, and may be posted on bulletin boards ONLY. Signs posted on departmental bulletin boards should be approved by the appropriate academic department. Signs may not be posted on interior and exterior walls, windows, doors, elevators, floors, sidewalks, and on any wood or painted surfaces. Any signs posted on these surfaces will be removed and organizations will be charged a thirty-five dollar ($35) fine. Organizations or individuals posting signs that cause damage will be assessed accordingly. Posting in Residence Halls must be approved at the front desk of each hall. Signs and posters not in accordance with the above guidelines will be removed. Contact the PuLSE office at 317-940-9262 with any questions.


Smoking is not allowed in or around buildings occupied by University faculty, staff, and students including classrooms, laboratories, private offices, residence halls, University apartments, and common areas except in those locations designated as smoking areas. The closest designated smoking areas is at the east side of Lilly Hall, on the patio between Clowes and Lilly.


The University is not responsible for the theft of personal items. If you note that university property is unsecured, report it to the nearest secretary.  If personal or university property is stolen, please tell the nearest secretary, AND make an official report to the University Police (317-940-9396). You are strongly encouraged to privately insure your personal property. Be advised that home-owners insurance does not always cover musical instruments; a separate policy may be required.

Ticket Policy for JCA Events

Check with the departmental secretary for the area the performance is in for current student rates and discounts.

Vending Machines

Vending machines are located in the Lower Level landing of the Clowes Pavilion (outside the Indianapolis Children’s Choir offices). If a vending machine eats your money, contact Butler’s purchasing department at 317-940-9000.

For planning purposes, visit the Performing and Visual Arts Calendar. Events are constantly changing and events/dates/times/locations/ticket prices are in no way binding.

Please submit all requests for social media posts to this link.