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We are Jordan College

Lilly Hall

Jordan College of the Arts

As an artist, you’re looking for a place where you can grow in your field, surrounded by people who push you to be better. And at Jordan College of the Arts, that’s exactly what you’ll find. The mission of JCA is to create artist-citizens that shape the community—and the world—around them. And since it’s at the heart of Indianapolis’ thriving art scene, you’ll be able to get real-world experience while you grow as an artist.

What sets JCA apart from other art schools is Butler’s emphasis on a foundational liberal arts program. This emphasis explores and teaches the interrelatedness of all the arts, as well as the context in which artists create. The national-level conservatory instruction combined with a holistic understanding of where you fit into the world as an artist provides an unmatched perspective and artistic intelligence that prepares you for a lifetime of success.

Butler Arts Center

View the Butler Arts Center calendar and discover why our students are at the heart of the cultural community.

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College Departments

Art + Design

The Art + Design Program offers a unique curriculum combining fine art, design and technology in every course and giving designers the aesthetic eye of the artist to ensure a computer program will never replace them. We give artists marketable skills needed to pursue exciting careers. Optimum faculty/student ratios in our courses allow us to help students meet their goals.

Arts Administration

One of the oldest and most comprehensive programs in the nation, Arts Administration course work combines in-depth study of  chosen art form with classes in business, non-profit management, and communications to prepare graduates for the many varied opportunities in a career advocating for the arts.


We are an incubator for the highest caliber dancers in the nation. Our students receive professional-level training from our faculty of highly respected artists with an emphasis on strong technical development, detailed artistic development, and professionally focused advising and mentoring.


MORE. This simple word describes the opportunities you'll have in the School of Music. Our flexible curriculum allows you to easily pursue a double major, study abroad, collaborate with internationally-acclaimed artists, participate in the Butler Symphony Orchestra or other ensembles, and much more.


Renowned as one of the best in the country, our Theatre program is led by a faculty of highly talented, professionally active artists who teach all the diverse aspects of theatre through a practice-based training, that help students hone in on their strengths and passions when selecting their specialty.