The CAPS office has dedicated itself to curating and developing an extensive array of resources designed to assist you throughout your career journey. These resources range from meticulously reviewed resumes and persuasive cover letters to comprehensive industry guides. CAPS is committed to ensuring that you possess a wealth of examples that provide you with the confidence necessary for job applications and determining your career trajectory. With CaPS by your side, you can navigate the professional landscape with greater insight and pose, maximizing your opportunities for success.

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Search by Identity

Are you in search of job boards or specialized resources tailored to your unique identity? Please peruse the curated list of links provided below.

Update Your Career Portfolio

The CaPS office has curated several examples of cover letters and resumes from past and present Butler students. Check out below to review our sample materials, and reference our resume style guides.

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Cover Letters

The purpose of a cover letter is to deep dive into sections of your resume to highlight your professional abilities. Taking the time to write a cover letter will make you stand out as an application candidate.

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Your resume serves as a first point of contact between you and a potential employer. Think of it as your first impression!

Check out our curated Industry Guides for detailed information and tips on how to jump start your career!