On-the-Job Injury Procedure

  1. Any work-related injury or illness must be immediately reported to the supervisor, whether or not medical treatment is needed. Failure to report the injury the same day of occurrence may result in denial of a claim by Worker’s Compensation.
  2. Supervisors must report an injury to Human Resources via phone or in person as soon as possible and provide the completed Accident /Incident Report form (PDF) within 24 hours, regardless of whether the injury required professional medical attention or results in lost time. Get the form and submittal instructions. For assistance during office hours, call Human Resources at 317-940-9355.
  3. Butler University chooses Concentra, a in-network provider, to treat all non-critical, on-the-job injuries. Concentra has nine locations (PDF) available in the Indianapolis area.
    • Nearest location to Butler (available 8:00 AM–5:00 PM): 7301 Georgetown Road, Stes 109-111, Indianapolis, IN 46268  Telephone: 317-875-9584
    • Extended hours location (available 7:00 AM–9:00 PM): 5604 W 74th St, Indianapolis, IN 46278  Telephone: 317-290-1551
    • 24/7 (365 days/year) location: 5940 Decatur Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46241  Telephone: 317-856-2945
  4. Supervisor/employee calls local Concentra clinic (the one employee will seek treatment from) to request transportation to the clinic. View the Concentra Transportation Services document (PDF). The following information must be provided: Employee name, employee/supervisor phone number, pick up location. An SMS message will be sent confirming the ride. Transportation will also be provided for the return trip. Employee can arrange for rides for subsequent follow up and treatments.
  5. Before leaving the treatment location, the injured faculty or staff member must obtain a physician’s statement regarding the employee’s return-to-work status and provide it to their supervisor.
  6. Employees must give all the return-to-work status documents to the Supervisor.
  7. The injured faculty or staff member must communicate with the supervisor regarding follow-up appointments. Follow-up appointments and therapy may be scheduled during the business day without reduction of pay.
  8. If the attending physician gives the employee work restrictions and the University can provide work for the employee within the restrictions, then the employee is not entitled to receive temporary total-disability benefits.
  9. The following are three outcomes for an injured employee following initial treatment:
    • The employee is released to return to work with no restrictions.
    • The employee is released to work with temporary restrictions, sometimes referred to as “light duty.” If the University can provide work for the employee, the employee is brought back to work within the restrictions; if the University cannot provide such work, the employee remains off work.
    • The employee is not released to return to work and remains off work.