2021 Employee Health Benefits

Butler University continues to focus on a holistic approach to employee well-being and wellness.  Even as the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about unexpected changes in all of our lives, Butler employees will notice very few, if any, changes to our benefits for 2021. We want employees to be actively involved in choices concerning healthcare because we understand how important benefits, especially healthcare coverage, are to our campus community. Amid the COVID crisis, we looked critically at the benefit plans offered during 2020 and determined the best path for everyone in 2021 would be the path of least change. Allowing benefit-eligible employees to continue their benefits with no changes to premiums, deductibles, co-pays, or co-insurance.

Our partnerships with Apta Health; UMR, United Healthcare Choice Plus; and Magellan RX will continue to bring innovative solutions to our unique healthcare needs. Thanks to these partnerships our healthcare cost savings experience during 2020 is allowing us to maintain 2020 plan designs and cost-share without any increase being passed on to the employee for 2021 benefit elections. The coordinated healthcare solution has proven to help employees increase their healthcare consumerism and become more involved in the management of healthcare decisions.

For 2021 we will add the Paydhealth Select Drugs and Products Program to help participants find funding for specialty drugs. Individuals affected by this plan change will be contacted directly by our new specialty drug partners PaydHealth, between October 1 and December 31, 2020, in order to be preemptive in assisting employees to make necessary enrollment and prescription changes.

If you or your covered dependent(s)/spouse currently take any of the specialty medications on the attached  Paydhealth Select Drugs and Products List, PLEASE watch your email and phone contacts and respond to the outreach call or message from PaydHealth as soon as possible.

You can review a summary of the highlights and changes to our Butler 2021 Employee Benefits and Well-Being programs below and review details of the benefit plans and incentive programs in the 2021 Employee Benefits Guide.

Highlights for 2021

Watch the 2021 Highlights presentation.

  • NO INCREASE in the medical insurance premiums for 2021.
  • Dental and Vision premiums remain the same for 2021.
  • 2021 Open Enrollment ZOOM Q&A sessions (TBD)  
  • Continue to provide excellent healthcare benefit coordination and service through Apta Health and UMR.
  • United Healthcare Choice Plus networkDelta DentalEyeMed, and Magellan RX will continue to provide a comprehensive selection of medical, dental, vision, and pharmacy providers and services.
  • Continue to maintain three medical plan options, PPO Core Plan, PPO Plus Plan, and CDHD Plan, with no medical plan design changes.
  • HSA Authority continues to be our partner for Health Savings Accounts.
  • Discovery Benefits continues to be our Medical FSA and Dependent FSA administrators.
  • $100 Wellness Incentive (form) for employee and/or spouse, enrolled in a Butler healthcare plan, for getting an annual wellness exam with a primary care provider.
  • HRC membership is free for full-time Faculty and Staff.
  • HRC membership for part-time employees is discounted to $3 per day.
  • Enhancement to the Employee Assistance Program—the number of free confidential, professional counseling visits for each family member per year, 6 visits.
  • Occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy do not require pre-certification.
  • The cost of durable medical equipment, requiring pre-certification, $1,500.
  • OC24health continues to provide telehealth services, with access to US board-certified doctors through video visits.
  • OC24health also provides tele-visit access to Psychiatrists and Dermatologists. All services are provided through the OC24health app.

Changes for 2021

  • Adding the Paydhealth Select Drugs and Products Program to help participants with funding for specialty drugs and products. Paydhealth will reach out to affected employees and families. General information regarding the new programs can be found on the Paydhealth Select Drugs and Products Program flyer. If you or your covered dependent(s)/spouse currently take any of the specialty medications on the attached  Paydhealth Select Drugs and Products List, PLEASE watch your email and phone contacts and respond to the outreach call or message from PaydHealth as soon as possible.
  • Paid parental leave of absence is available to cover 8 weeks of FMLA for employees upon birth, adoption, or placement of children into foster care.
  • The Healthy Horizons Wellness program is no longer in effect (May 2020)
  • Income protection is no longer available for personal medical leave of absence payments.

Medical Coverage

We continue our partnership with Apta Health, United Health Care Choice Plus, UMR, Magellan Rx, and add PaydHealth as a partner for specialty RX. Apta Health is a healthcare plan coordinator and they work on Butler’s behalf to manage and coordinate all the different parts of our healthcare plan. This patient-focused model gives the University much more flexibility when it comes to tailoring our healthcare plan to meet employees’ needs. Instead of being tied to one company and relying on them for all aspects of our plan, we now have a coordinator finding the best-in-class services for each part of our plan (pharmacy manager, healthcare plan, for example), in an effort to provide our community with optimal coverage.

Being well informed about your health insurance will help you be a better healthcare consumer. We have provided FAQs, Quick Links, and information to assist with understanding Apta Health Care Coordination, United Healthcare’s Choice Plus network, Magellan RX, and PaydHealth specialty pharmacy management programs. You can also find the 2021 Employee Benefits Guide, review your medical plan summary documents, visit the UHC website, and check to see if your healthcare providers are in-network and get a head start on setting up your prescriptions for 2021.

Vision Coverage

Vision coverage for 2021 continues to be provided through EyeMed. General questions and issues regarding your vision plan can be addressed to your Apta Care Coordinator. They can also provide contact information or direct you to HR if they are unable to provide assistance with your issue.

If you enroll in vision coverage you will receive an identification card for your EyeMed coverage. You can also set up an account and access coverage information online through the EyeMed portal. Download 2021 vision coverage rates and plan details.

Dental Coverage

Dental plans remain the same for 2021 and continue to be offered through Delta Dental of Indiana. You can access your dental plan information through the Delta Dental Member portal and review plan details on the Dental Plan Summary of Benefits.

Other Health and Wellness Benefits

Our benefit offerings don’t stop at health insurance plans. We offer the following benefits, among others:

For more information or questions regarding health and wellness benefits at Butler, please contact askhr@butler.edu.

Additional Benefits

Health and Planning

Planning for your health and health procedures can be tough. Contact your Apta Care Coordinator if you need help:

  • Setting up a Specialist referral, these must be called into your Care Coordinator, 1-877-610-8817. The Care Coordinator number can also be found on the back of your insurance card.
  • Finding out when you had your last exam and how your claims were processed.
  • Reducing your medical costs.
  • Obtaining your FSA or HSA information and balances.
  • Searching for an in-network provider.

Contact your Apta Care Coordinator by calling 1-877-610-8817.  Or chat online using the MyQHealth portal.


From health screenings and risk assessments to nutrition and fitness planning, there are a wide variety of no- and low-cost wellness programs offered right here on campus.

Employee Assistance Program

An Employee Assistance Program, or EAP, is a confidential, worksite-based program designed to assist both employees and employers. An EAP provides assessments and referrals in person and via telephone for a wide range of services—personal concerns, childcare, eldercare, legal, etc. All EAP services are completely confidential pursuant to current U.S. laws and regulations.