Vision Plan

EyeMed is Butler University’s vision insurance carrier.

EyeMed Vision Care Summary

  • EyeMed Vision coverage information is provided on your EyeMed Vision ID card.
  • Call the number on your cards to order additional cards.
  • In and Out of network benefits apply to vision coverage. Be sure to find an in-network vision provider before you make an appointment. Contact your Apta Health Care Coordinator for assistance or log in to the EyeMed Vision portal and use the Find a Provider tool.

Interactive Wellness Calendar from EyeMed

How do you fit eye health into your schedule? It’s easy with this online Interactive Wellness Calendar from EyeMed.

Advice from vision experts, tips and insights about eye health, recipes for strong vision—it’s everything you need to do right by your eyes, year-round.

EYEQ NEWS: February 2021

Show your eyes some love—Connecting the dots between eye exams and health

The eye is the only part of the body with an unobstructed view of blood vessels. With regular comprehensive exams, eye doctors can detect the early, and often subtle, signs of some high-risk health conditions. As preventive care, it can be just as important for your employees as a physical.

Updated Member FAQs and Health FAQs

To accommodate variations by state regarding which services (essential only or routine care) members may receive, we have significantly expanded our Member FAQs.

  • State-by-state landing page at
  • Once the member chooses their state, they will be directed to new FAQs that vary whether their state allows eye doctors to resume routine care services or whether they may still offer essential services only

Members interested in understanding how their eyecare experience may be different as new protocols for social distancing and sanitation guidelines are implemented can find answers to many common questions at  including:

  • What should I expect when I return to my eye doctor?
  • What if I am a high-risk patient?
  • Will I need to wear a mask? Will they provide one for me?
  • What new safety and sanitation protocols should I expect at my eye doctor’s office?
  • How will my eye doctor assure social distancing guidelines are followed?

New Member Articles

In addition to updated Member and Health FAQs, seven new COVID-19 themed member articles are available on our eyesiteonwellness site in both English and Spanish.

The new articles include: