Employment Verification

Butler HR is excited to announce a new service benefit now available to faculty and staff!

i2Verify, a service under Equifax, is an income and employment verification provider, offering on-demand instant access to employment and wage data.

Faculty and staff now have the ability to both directly refer creditors to the i2Verify site or generate employment verification letters in a self-service portal.

How does it work?

If an organization requests to verify your wage or employment history, simply direct them to i2Verify at www.i2verify.com. i2Verify will then register the requestor, and validate that they have your consent, as well as a permissible purpose to view your data.

Instructions to set up a user account can be found in the below user guide link. You may also reach them directly at 888-458-6319 (M-F, 9 to 5 EST) or at via email info@i2verify.com

Frequently Asked Questions

i2Verify can provide an employee’s:

  • Current or most recent job title
  • Dates of employment
  • Base annual salary
  • Employment status (Active/Inactive, Full/Part-Time, Perm/Temp)

i2Verify cannot provide an employee’s:

  • Job information older than 1/1/2020
  • Job duties or reasons for separation
  • Professional certifications
  • Work schedule, attendance, or timesheet information
  • Amount of sick/vacation time off
  • Wage/loss insurance forms
  • Credit & Benefit Verifications

Data is updated on each payroll cycle.

No, generally i2Verify does not require an employer code or a salary key for verification requests or system registration; unless an employee, who has created an i2Verify account, blocks their data (a function an employee has the ability to turn on and off).

The choice you make is entirely dependent on the information you need.

  • Employee Verification Report contains your dates of employment, job title, current employment status, as well as your pay period wage data.
  • Employee Verification Letter contains your dates of employment, job title, and current employment status. This letter is signed by your employer and is typically used by employees when applying for social service entitlements or loan forgiveness programs.

Please contact i2Verify directly:

  • Email: info@i2verify.com
  • Live Toll-Free Support: (888) 458-6319, available M-F, 9 am – 5 pm EST

Benefit coverage/eligibility will not be completed through employment verifications accessible via i2Verify. If verification is needed with your benefit information attached, please reach out to the benefits department via benefits@butler.edu.

No. A plan for Butler University resources to manage this will be assessed in the first quarter of 2023.

HR will not generate letters on behalf of an employee. Instructions will be provided for employees to set up their own accounts on the i2Verify’s website.

  • Verifiers should be directed to i2Verify and employees can generate their own reports on demand.
  • If a verifier is not yet credentialed in the system and won’t accept an employee’s verification letter, they should call i2Verify. i2Verify will obtain the employee’s consent and can then generate a custom verification for the verifier without going through the credentialing process.

If i2Verify cannot verify an employee’s information in their database, an i2Verify team member will reach out to Butler on the employee’s behalf to verify their employment information.