Tuition Remission

Butler University, founded on ideals of equity and academic excellence, creates and fosters a collaborative, stimulating intellectual learning environment. We are inspired to boldly innovate and broadly educate, enriching communities and preparing all learners to lead meaningful lives.

Tuition Remission provides qualified, eligible participants with free tuition toward most Butler undergraduate and/or graduate degrees or certain eligible post baccalaureate credit bearing certificate programs; see limited and exclude programs below. The benefit is for tuition only and does not cover fees or other costs associated with coursework or enrollment. For more information on participant definitions, eligibility requirements, and benefit use, please review the Tuition Remission Policy (PDF).

The Tuition Remission Application must be completed online, using your Butler login credentials. Verification of employee eligibility by the Total Rewards Team is mandatory. Once submitted, your application will be reviewed, and a determination email will be sent to the employee by the Benefits & Wellness Team.

The process for tuition remission for employees, legally married spouses and dependents should coincide with the normal Financial Aid Office and Office of Admission timetables prior to the expected date of enrollment.

  1. Full-time students applying for Tuition Remission must file FAFSA by March 1 each academic year.
    • Additional Federal and State aid may be awarded based on your FAFSA filing. The Financial Aid Department will review your FAFSA for additional aid eligibility. Tuition Remission is adjusted by any other tuition-restricted awards.
  2. Complete the Tuition Remission Authorization Form for each semester of courses by the first day of each academic term.
  3. Tuition remission authorizations for Butler employees require the approval of the qualified participant’s supervisor each semester. Supervisor approved email must be uploaded with the tuition remission authorization form. Employees who are applying for Tuition Remission are encouraged to discuss their educational plans with their supervisor at least a semester ahead of intended enrollment to ensure that proper arrangements are made for uninterrupted daily workflow and to make-up for time away from the job.
  4. Eligibility must be established for each qualified and eligible spouse or dependent. The following required documentation for eligibility must be uploaded with the tuition remission authorization form:
    • Marriage certificate for spouse
    • Birth certificate for dependents
  5. Administrative fee of $25 must be submitted via check or cash to the Office of Student Accounts for processing. Electronic payment of fee may be submitted via E-Pay. Fees are non-refundable and subject to change. Fees must be paid before tuition remission is processed.
    • Certain Online Program Management supported programs require an additional, per credit hour fee may be assessed in addition to the administrative fee.

Limited and Excluded Programs

Market-Driven programs that have been approved by the Budget Resource and Review Committee (BRRC) supported through investment funds or by Online Program Management (OPM) services offer exclusions or limitations to enrollment for tuition remission. Market-driven supported programs include, but are not limited to:

  1. Online Strategic Communications Certificate
  2. Online Masters in Strategic Communication
  3. Online Masters in Data Analytics
  4. Online PharmD
  5. Online Masters Business Administration
  6. Online Masters in Mental Health Counseling
  7. Online Masters in School Counseling
  8. Online Adult Degree Completion Programs

The market-driven programs limit the number of tuition remission students per semester. The program director will approve tuition remission based on the financial model of the program. Eligible employees and/or spouses may be put on a waitlist for these programs.

The market-driven programs will be assessed a $25 per semester administrative fee. If there are additional fees related to external OPM services, they may also be added to the per semester fee. Please check with the program manager to determine the fees associated with the degree.

Programs offered through Butler+ Professional Education (non-credit) programs are not eligible for tuition remission. These include but are not limited to:

  • Butler Insurance Academy
  • Cyber Risk Management Certificate
  • Enterprise Risk Management Certificate
  • Insurance and Securities Licensure Test Prep
  • CFP Test Prep Certificate
  • Foundations in Business Certificate
  • Teacher-Led, Teacher Education
  • Early Childhood Educator Certificate Program
  • Coaching as a Mentality Course
  • Design Thinking Certificate
  • Certified Management Consultant Designation
  • Medical Device Sales Program
  • Certified Wellness Practitioner (CWP)