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Human Resources
Human Resources

Tuition Remission

Tuition Remission is a benefit available to employees of Butler University (full-time and part-time)* and employees of our External Qualifying Partner organizations* which provides financial assistance for degree programs and classes taken at Butler University. The benefit is for tuition only and does not cover fees or other costs associated with coursework or enrollment. The employing organization (Butler or External Partner organization) and the level of benefit eligibility will determine the amount of Tuition Remission that can be allowed to the student applicant.

Butler University full-time employees, who have worked for the University for at least 9 months* are eligible for full tuition remission for themselves, their spouse and/or their dependents*. Employee approval for tuition remission is limited to 6 credit hours per semester and requires the approval of the employee's supervisor.

Butler employees and their spouses can use tuition remission toward an undergraduate or graduate degree. Eligible unmarried dependents under 26 years of age are allowed tuition remission while pursuing their first undergraduate degree.

*The Tuition Remission Policy defines specific requirements for eligibility and use of the tuition remission benefit. Please review the details of the policy as they relate to requirements for eligibility, differences in eligibility between internal employees and external partners, and application procedures.

Butler University is also a member of The Tuition Exchange which provides assistance to dependents of eligible employees wishing to pursue degree programs at other member schools. Learn more about Tuition Exchange.

How do I access Tuition Remission?

  • The Eligible Employee or Qualifying Participant must complete the Tuition Remission Authorization form and must have it signed by their Supervisor or the designated approver for their External Partner organization. Please fill in the authorization form, then print it for signatures and review by HR and Students Accounts.
  • The signed application form and course schedule are then submitted to the HR Benefits Department (JH 52) for eligibility approval.
  • Employees/Qualifying Participants MUST apply and be approved for TR each semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer).
  • Employees applying for Tuition Remission for spouses or dependents must verify the financial dependency of the student on an annual basis.
  • Full-time students applying for Tuition Remission must file FAFSA by March 1st each academic year.
  • Submit the approved application, course schedule, and $25 service fee to the Office of Student Accounts for application of Tuition Remission toward financial obligations.

Is there financial aid associated with Tuition Remission?

In order to assess your full financial aid package you must take the following steps:

  • Fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and have the results sent to all schools to which you are applying.
  • Butler University of Financial Aid will assess the FAFSA for any other aid eligibility and provide an award notification prior to the start of the new school year.
  • Tuition Remission will be adjusted by any other tuition restricted awards.

How is Tuition Remission different from Tuition Exchange?

  • Tuition Remission is a financial award which will cover tuition for eligible students attending Butler University. The student may be the benefit eligible employee, or their spouse/dependent. Tuition Remission may also be available to qualifying employees of external partner organizations and used to attend Butler University.
  • Tuition Exchange is a financial award which will cover tuition ONLY for the dependent students of eligible Butler University employees who are attending another College/University which is also a member of the Tuition Exchange Program.
  • Please review further information regarding the Tuition Exchange Program.