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Center for Global Education
Center for Global Education

Steps to Study Abroad

Cinque Terre

Six Steps to Study Abroad

  1. Attend a general Study Abroad Information Session at least one year prior to studying abroad. Sessions are held by the Center for Global Education (CGE) monthly, and a schedule can be found here.

  2. Meet with your academic advisor. Work together to determine the ideal semester or summer term in which to study abroad and identify classes that you will need to fulfill while studying abroad in order to stay on track with your academic plan at Butler.

  3. Look over the CGE's List of Approved Programs and/or use our online application system's search function. Begin researching programs that may be a good fit for your academic goals. You will also want to consider your geographical and cultural interests, in addition to your language ability if you want to study in a non-English speaking country.

  4. Narrow your program selections to two or three programs. If it's difficult to identify programs that would satisfy your academic and cultural interests, make an appointment with the Study Abroad Advisor, Caitlin Moore. Review your program selections with your academic advisor to make sure that courses offered in these programs will complement your course of study at Butler.

  5. Apply to your selected study abroad program(s) by the published deadline. If applicable, submit a Program Approval Form to the CGE. For Exchange and Faculty-Led programs, submit an online application directly to the Center for Global Education via our online application system. For 3rd Party Provider and ISEP Exchange programs, complete the organization's online application and simultaneously create an application on the CGE's online application system.

  6. Go through Study Abroad Pre-Departure. This process includes getting coursework approved, talking to financial aid about how aid applies to time abroad, attending a mandatory in-person pre-departure orientation, completing a Canvas pre-departure course, etc.