Program Type: Faculty-Led
 Butler Semester in Spain
Major: Middle/Secondary Education and Spanish, Minor: English as a New Language and Sport Coaching
Program Location: Alcalá, Spain

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Going abroad was undoubtedly the best part of Jacqueline’s college experience so far. She had always dreamt of living in Spain, and studying there for four months not only lived up to her expectations, but exceeded them. Not only did her Spanish grow, but her confidence, cultural awareness, and spontaneity did as well. She learned to live in the moment, take advantage of every opportunity, and would redo this program again in a heartbeat if she could (just ask her friends and family, she incorporates it into every conversation!). Her best advice to students who are considering going abroad but are iffy: do it!!! You will not regret it, and in a very cliche manner, will come home a changed person for the better.