While You’re Abroad

Obtaining Course Approvals While Abroad

Any courses you end up taking a course abroad that were NOT pre-approved (i.e. any course changes occur overseas) must be reported to your academic advisor immediately and a request for course approval should be submitted via email to the appropriate department chair. Once you receive the official approval, please forward that to Calie Dickey (cadickey1@butler.edu) and Judy Malarney (jmalarne@butler.edu) so they can put it with your Course Approval Form.

If you choose to not get your courses approved while abroad, upon return to Butler’s campus, you must pick up a new Study Abroad Course Approval Form from the CGE and get the official signatures from department chairs for any courses that were not approved prior to your departure.

Whatever process you choose ensures that your previously unapproved courses will be added onto your Butler account and count towards necessary degree requirements. Hold on to your syllabus and coursework, as you will likely need to submit the course description and other materials to the department head for his/her use when considering approval. The department head is not required to approve your course without appropriate documentation.

Registering While Abroad

While you are abroad, you will likely need to register for the semester you will return to campus.

Before your departure, you should:

  • Select preliminary courses you wish to take during the semester of your return in consultation with your academic advisor.
  • Ensure all encumbrances (any holds) are cleared at Butler or you will be unable to register.

While you are abroad, you should:

  • View the upcoming semester’s course schedule on Butler’s website.
  • Register for classes online.

Securing On Campus Housing For Return

Students who want to live on campus upon return need to contact the Office of Residence Life to get updated information on the housing process. Details on the housing lottery and updated housing policies can be found on their website, as well.

Preparing For Your Return

Several weeks before your return home, you may wish to start preparing for re-entry, or the return to the U.S. culture. We recommend that you catch up on local and national news by reading various news sources, including The Collegian. Catching up on local issues will speed up your adjustment to life at home.

Take time to properly say goodbye to your friends abroad. Spend time with them and enjoy your final weeks/days abroad.

Don’t wait until the last morning to take pictures—especially of your neighborhood and your friends. The things that seem mundane now, like your walk/ride to school, will be fun to reflect on in future years.

Aside from preparing yourself mentally, you should also begin to consider re-packing and how you intend to bring home all of your belongings that you have accumulated. Excess baggage fees are often expensive, sometimes $150 U.S. per extra piece of luggage (up to 70 lbs.). You may wish to ship items home.

Request a final official transcript be sent to the Center for Global Education and a copy for your own use in the future or to keep as a record. You can have your transcript sent to the following address:

Butler University Center for Global Education
4600 Sunset Ave.
Jordan Hall 133
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Keep all coursework, syllabi, and related documents to complete any outstanding course approvals when you return to campus. Check out our Returning to Campus webpage for more information on how to adjust back to life in the U.S.