Study Abroad Pre-Departure

We’re so excited that you’ve decided to study abroad! Prior to leaving campus for your semester or summer abroad, there are a few things the Center for Global Education (CGE) needs.

Check out our How To Apply to Study Abroad webpage to see your program-specific application process.

**Once you’ve been accepted in our system** All post-decision materials are due by November 10 for the following spring semester and April 10 for the following summer term/fall semester/academic year.

You will get your courses approved prior to your departure using a Course Approval Form. You will meet with the appropriate Department Chairs/Deans and provide them detailed course descriptions/syllabi so they can choose an equivalent. Detailed instructions on how to seek approval are listed on the form.

You may seek approval for courses before or after you officially register for your courses (depending on your program’s timeline). Please list expected coursework and a few extras on your Course Approval Form, just in case.

Course Approval Forms will be available in the Center for Global Education (Jordan Hall, room 133) at the following times:

  • Spring Approvals:
    • Available starting October 16
    • Due: November 10
  • Fall and 3rd Party Provider Summer Approvals:
    • Available starting March 16
    • Due: April 10

If one of the above dates falls on a weekend or holiday, the forms will be available/due the next business day.

Each semester, the CGE hosts a MANDATORY pre-departure orientation (PDO) for students studying abroad for the following semester or summer. All students going for a summer or semester must attend this meeting. The CGE typically provides coffee and great discussions on how to stay safe abroad and prepare for one of the best semesters of your college career. PDO lasts for about 2 hours.

**There are NO makeup sessions and NO one-on-one appointments to go through PDO information.**

Pre-Departure Orientation  for Spring 2022 and Summer 2022 programs will be held on Saturday, November 6 from 10am-noon in PB 204.