The Experience

It’s not just a hobby. It’s a lifestyle.

Shape your future with Butler Esports.

For us, esports aren’t just about games—they’re the foundation of a dynamic, expanding community that allows people to connect, engage, and find their passion. 

At Butler, we recruit talented players worldwide to compete for our teams in the top collegiate leagues in North America. We value competition at all levels, so we support our club-level teams by providing access to the arena and other expenses. We invest in our players, because they’re constantly redefining what it means to be an elite gamer by instilling the values of appreciation for diversity, wellness, and academic success.   

Butler is at the forefront of gamified education, connecting students to jobs in the gaming and esports industries. Our continuous work in forming new partnerships helps social gamers, esports competitors, and related talent to translate their unique skills into fulfilling careers.  

And we’re home to some of the most engaging gaming clubs you’ll ever find, bolstered by a strong local esports community. Our support of both casual and competitive play welcomes players of all skills and interests, simply for the love of the game.  

Competition. Community. Curriculum.

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Wellness is our priority.

The BUBeWell model is fully integrated into Butler Esports, creating a safe and health-oriented space that allows our team members and community to learn and grow.

 —Bryan Rogers ’23
Energy Engineering Dual Degree Program, Economics

Bryan playing a game

Check It Out for Yourself

You don’t have to take our word for it on why Butler’s esports programs and Park are the best in Indianapolis—come play a game with your friends (or rivals) and see for yourself.