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As a Butler Chemistry major, you can take courses in all areas of chemistry. You will learn about:

  • The role chemistry plays in the synthesis of drugs and other molecules
  • What it tells us about the processes occurring in living creatures
  • Ways to measure water quality
  • How chemistry interacts with biology, environmental science, psychology and other disciplines
  • And much more

You’ll receive personal attention in classrooms and labs, excellent academic advising, and open access to experts in a wide variety of chemical fields. Our recent graduates have gone on to world-class graduate schools, work for major chemical and pharmaceutical companies, and have entered into medicine and law.

Undergraduate Research

At Butler, you’ll have opportunities to work one-on-one with faculty researchers on projects ranging from enzyme interaction to art preservation. You can present your findings at Butler’s annual Undergraduate Research Conference as well as national conferences, or conduct in-depth research during Butler Summer Institute.

Study Abroad

What role does chemistry play in Italy's wine and cheese industry? Our students will see first-hand as they travel abroad during a new summer course with topics such as Chemistry and Food or Sustainability. Chemistry majors have also studied in such places as Australia, Taiwan, and Germany—some with Seitz Award support. 


Three Chemistry Options

All accredited by the American Chemical Society (ACS), our three options for a major provide increasingly deeper and broader chemistry curricula. Which matches your goals?

  • Chemistry: Partners well with other majors, allowing you to blend your multiple interests with your love of science 
  • Honors Chemistry: Provides a solid background across chemistry subfields, ideal bachelor’s degree for entry-level positions 
  • “ACS-Certified” Chemistry: Our most in-depth curriculum and lab experience, for those pursuing graduate studies and high-level research careers
Chemistry internships


Concerned that environmental toxins were damaging its collections, the Indianapolis Museum of Art recruited our majors as chemical analysis “detectives” and interns. Students seek out internships on their own initiative, tapping the rich corporate culture of Indianapolis and the Chemistry department’s close relationships with such global concerns as Eli Lilly & Co. and Dow AgroSciences LLC.

The Strengths of Our Faculty 

Active researchers, industrial consultants, and authors in the field of chemistry, our knowledgeable faculty are great role models and supportive mentors to students. Inside classrooms or labs and beyond, they share their scholarly interests, professional connections, and enthusiasm for chemistry.

Chemistry graduates

Graduate Careers

Our graduates are employed in such professions as chemistry, engineering, teaching, IT, and real estate. Others are pursuing advanced degrees in chemistry, medicine, dentistry, engineering, and other disciplines.