Parking Citations

Fines are levied for violation of parking regulations. The amount of the fine is subject to change without notice. The fine listed on a ticket takes precedence over any published fine. The University parking committee designated by the Chief of Police will determine if changes are warranted by conducting an annual review of vehicle registration costs and parking fines. The University parking committee will forward its recommendations to the University senior administrative group for approval if changes are warranted.

If a ticket is thought to be issued due to an error, you may appeal it through a two-step appeal process. Tickets may first be appealed to the Office of Parking Services. If the first appeal is not granted, a second appeal may be submitted to the Assistant Chief for Operations for review.

Appeals may be granted for two reasons:

  1. There is substantial evidence that you did not commit the violation for which the citation was issued; or,
  2. You may have committed the violation, but circumstances were not under your control and, prior to being issued the citation, you made some demonstrable attempt to notify the University Police Department or Parking Enforcement of the situation.
  • Lack of knowledge of the regulation
  • Forgetfulness
  • Parking for a short period of time
  • Inability to find an authorized parking spot
  • Having the wrong decal for the space used
  • Failure to obtain a temporary hangtag
  • Failure to notice parking signs
  • Failure to display a parking decal
  • Disagreement with, or inability to pay, the fines
  • A lost ticket

All parking appeals are to be submitted online. 

The form must be filled out completely and within 10 days of the citation being issued. Appeals that are missing information will be denied.

Please allow 10 working days for the processing of the appeal. It is the responsibility of the person making the appeal to contact that office for the results. Call the Department of Public Safety Office of Parking Services at 317-940-9243 to check on the status of the appeal. Appeals will not be accepted if submitted later than 10 days after the issuance of the citation.

  • Excused: If your citation is excused, the parking fine will be waived, and you will no longer be held accountable.
  • Denied: If your appeal is denied, this means that you are responsible for the fine(s) and are expected to pay the entire amount.

If you want to avoid a parking citation, read and obey all the Parking Rules and Regulations.

Get Registered: Any registered student, faculty member, staff member, or member of an affiliated group with an office space on campus who wants to park a motorized vehicle on campus must register the vehicle with the University Police Department.

Watch Your Meter: Just visiting? Pay attention to how much time you have allotted yourself when feeding the meter. Using your hazard lights is not an acceptable way of parking at a meter. Meters are for short-term parking.

Find Your Lot: Park only in the lots for which you are authorized. Refer to our online parking map if you are unsure which lot corresponds to your permit type. Maps are also available for pickup at the Office of Parking Services.

Display Your Permit: Every student, faculty, and staff member must properly display a Butler University parking permit when parking on campus.

Look for Signs: Always double-check for posted signs of restrictions not normal to daily operations.

Yellow and Blue Lines

  • Yellow: Parking is prohibited along yellow curbs. This includes your vehicle’s bumpers. Make sure your vehicle is within the white spaces allotted.
  • Blue: Accessible parking as required under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is designated by blue lines and signs. If your vehicle does not display an authorized ADA hangtag, you are not permitted to park in those spaces. These are reserved for those who need assistance.
Citation Fee
20 Minute Loading Zone $50
ADA Van Accessible Only $100
ADA/Handicap Violation $100
Blocking a Fire Hydrant $25
Blocking a Roadway $25
Blocking a Sidewalk Access $25
Commuter (C) Parking Only $25
Disregarding or Moving a Barricade $25
Double-Parked $25
Driving/Parked on Grass $50
Driving/Parked on Sidewalks $25
Expired Parking Meter $25
Expired Temporary Permit $25
Facilities (U) Parking Only $25
Faculty In-Resident Parking Only $25
Faculty/Staff (A) Parking Only $25
Fire Lane or Zone Parked $50
Greek (G) Parking Only $25
Housing Village (HV) Parking Only $25
Improper Decal Display $25
Loading Zone $25
Neighborhood Parking Only $25
No Parking Anytime $25
Non-Registration $50
Not a Marked Space $25
Obstructing a Driveway or Delivery Entrance $25
Parked Against Flow of Traffic $25
Parked in a Reserved Area $25
Parked On or Over Stall Marker $25
Resident (B) Parking Only $25
Snow Emergency Zone $25
Visitor Parking Only $25
Yellow Curb Parking $25

By parking on campus, you agreed to abide by the Parking Rules and Regulations. Failure to do so may result in your vehicle being towed without prior notice and at the owner’s expense.

If your vehicle is towed from University property, please contact the University Police Department at 317-940-BUPD (2873).

To claim your vehicle, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Your name and address
  • Valid state driver’s license
  • Your Butler University ID number
  • Vehicle description (make, model, color, year)
  • Location you last saw your vehicle

Vehicles towed by the University Police Department or the Office of Parking Services will be released after the following conditions have been met:

  • The operator registers the vehicle with the Office of Parking Services.

If the violator is not affiliated with the University, all fines must be paid prior to the release of the vehicle. The owner of a vehicle that has been removed from the University will need to contact the University Police Department at 317-940-BUPD (2873) for information on paying the fee(s) and obtaining the release form.

A vehicle may be towed, at the owner’s expense, without prior notice, for any of the following reasons:

  • Illegally parked in an ADA parking space
  • Being parked in a Faculty-in-Residence parking space
  • Parked in a metered spot with an expired meter
  • Being parked in a Facilities Management spot
  • Being parked in a Police Vehicle Only spot
  • Being parked in a fire lane
  • Being parked next to a fire hydrant
  • Blocking a dumpster

This list is not exclusive and does not prohibit towing of a vehicle at the discretion of the University Police Department for additional violations not listed here.

Methods of Payment

In Person

Please take the citation to the Office of Student Accounts, Jordan Hall, Room 102, during on campus hours or utilize their After Hours Drop Slot.  Checks and money orders are accepted. Credit cards are accepted online ONLY via E-Pay.

By Mail

Send your check or money order with the citation to:

Butler University
Office of Student Accounts
4600 Sunset Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46208

If you have a BU ID number, please include on the face of the check or money order.


Students and Butler University employees and affiliates have the option of submitting electronic check or credit card payments:

  • If paying by credit card –All credit card payments must be made via E-Pay. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are accepted online.  A non-refundable flat fee of $3.00 applies to payments in the amount of $20.01–$109.00. A 2.75% non-refundable fee applies to all other payments with the exception of international issued credit cards.*

    *International issued credit cards:  A non-refundable flat fee of $3.00 applies to payments in the amount of $20.01 – $63.00 and a 4.75% non-refundable fee applies to all other payments.

    (Credit card payments via mail, phone or in person cannot be processed.)

    Please note:  Effective July 5, 2023, rates for the following service fees apply:

    • Domestic card payments – 2.85%
    • International card payments – 4.25%
    • Minimum charge for card transactions over $20 and less than $106.00 – $3.00
  • If paying by electronic check – payments can be submitted from a personal checking or savings account by providing the routing and check number. There is NO fee for this type of payment.

Student Navigation

  • Log into your account.
  • Click Self Service Student Homepage.
  • Click Student Center and select Make Payments under the FINANCE heading to be directed to Butler’s E-Bill & E-Pay System.
  • Click Make a Payment at the left of the screen.
  • Click Payment on Account and follow the instructions to submit your payment.

Butler Employees/Affiliate Navigation

  • Log into your account
  • Under Employee Tools, click View My Bill.
  • Click View Bills/Make A Payment to be directed to Butler’s E-Bill & E-Pay System.
  • Click Make a Payment at the left of the screen.
  • Click Payment on Account and follow the instructions to submit your payment.