Vehicle Registration

Registration and parking regulations are based on a legal commitment with the City of Indianapolis and the Butler-Tarkington Neighborhood Association. Additional authority to regulate parking on campus is in compliance with Indiana Code 21-17-5-7. The University provides parking in designated locations on campus.

Any registered student, faculty member, staff member, or member of an affiliated group with office space on campus:

  1. must register their vehicle and obtain a current year parking permit to park anywhere on campus or an authorized city street,
  2. is prohibited from parking on the streets within the Butler Tarkington Neighborhood

University-owned or leased vehicles for shared department/division use are exempt from any fee to register a vehicle. At the discretion of the Chief of Public Safety, those vehicles may be required to display a permit. University employees who are issued a University vehicle, owned or leased, for personal and business use are required to purchase a parking permit.

For more information on vehicle registration, please contact the Office of Parking Services at 317-940-9243.

A fee is charged for each permit issued. A separate permit is required for each registered vehicle, and permits are non-transferable and non-returnable. Replacement permits will be issued at a reduced cost if the old permit, or portion of it, is presented. Permits expire on July 31 of each calendar year.

Faculty and staff members must pay for their permit upon receipt. Students will be billed for their permit through the Office of Student Accounts. Online registration is permitted for a limited time. Faculty and staff will have payment made through payroll deduction if utilizing the online registration. All outstanding parking fines must be paid before a vehicle can be registered

A second vehicle permit can be purchased for use for faculty and staff who own two vehicles. Students may not register for more than one campus permit at a time due to the limited number of parking spaces on campus.

A registration email will be sent to each faculty/staff and student during the summer before the fall semester. A registration form must be filled out completely before it will be processed. If a registered vehicle is issued a different state license plate during the school year, the owner must notify the Office of Parking Services of the new plate information so that the owner’s vehicle file information can be updated. Open registration may also be conducted in the Office of Parking Services office located at 4702 Sunset Avenue, Suite 500.

The permit must be placed on the outside lower left corner of the rear car window. Permits cannot be taped to the inside of the rear window. In the case of a convertible or a truck with a camper shell, the permit may be placed on lower left corner of the front windshield. No other locations are permitted.