Vehicle Registration

Registration and parking regulations are based on a legal commitment with the City of Indianapolis and the Butler-Tarkington Neighborhood Association. Additional authority to regulate parking on campus is in compliance with Indiana Code 21-17-5-7. The University provides parking in designated locations on campus.

Any registered student, faculty member, staff member, or member of an affiliated group with office space on campus:

  1. must register their vehicle and obtain a current year parking permit to park anywhere on campus or an authorized city street,
  2. is prohibited from parking on the streets within the Butler Tarkington Neighborhood

University-owned or leased vehicles for shared department/division use are exempt from any fee to register a vehicle. At the discretion of the Chief of Public Safety, those vehicles may be required to display a permit. University employees who are issued a University vehicle, owned or leased, for personal and business use are required to purchase a parking permit.

For more information on vehicle registration, please contact the Office of Parking Services at 317-940-9243.